Friday, February 19, 2010

28 Weeks And Growing!

Well, the 3rd trimester is officially upon us now and I'm starting to feel it physically. I can't believe that we've turned the corner and are in the last homestretch of this baby thing! I had a doctor's appointment today for my glucose screening, and it wasn't THAT bad. From everyone else's horror stories, I was literally bracing myself for the worst...but the orange drink while yes, not the BEST beverage of choice, was manageable and before I knew it - the blood was drawn and I was done!

Then it was off to see our doc. She is so amazing. I told the nurse and doc of all the lovely unfiltered comments that I'm starting to receive and they quickly made me feel better and assured me that my size was right in line with HEALTHY progress. So TAKE THAT to all you douches out there who have been making me feel like a freight-train lately. I definitely had a growth spurt since the last appointment, but nothing that was worrisome or beyond what's expected. In fact, my doctor was like you better take those belly pics now because you look beautiful! Ohh...nothing like a good self-esteem boost from the baby doctor.

She also gave me the a-okay to fly up until 32 weeks! I'm throwing around the idea of getting away for some heat and sunshine in Arizona. Trying to coordinate with Steph to see if I could catch one of Brent's games (he plays for the White Sox and Spring Training starts soon), but we'll see. I don't think Blake is down for a vacation right now (so he can save his days for when the baby comes and after), so we'll see if it comes to fruition. That's all for now...


  1. You do look beautiful!! And I mean it!
    The homestretch.....WOW!! Time sure flies.

  2. Seriously, you're so cute! You have a perfect pregnant belly. Don't listen to anyone. People love to make stupid comments.

  3. I agree... beautiful!!! 28 weeks... CRAZY! You will probably be hearing that up until about 40 though. It goes very fast! In fact Ashlyn read this before I did and when she said something about Ashley being very pregnant... I couldnt figure out who she was talking about for a minute!
    Maybe in July when we are in Spokane we'll be able to convince mom and dad to take a trip to the coast to see your growing little family!

  4. Woohoo! So glad i found your blog! You look so great, Ash! You are such a cute prego!

  5. Oh Stace I would LOVE to see you guys! OR, maybe we can make it East. I don't know if that's offering too much (don't know what to expect with a newborn) but MAYBE? I want to see Grandma and Grandpa too so we'll see!

  6. beverly j carboattoNovember 30, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Ashley, I remember the pictures of your pregnancy with Brecken. We have missed these shots! We must get together. G'ma


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