Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are You Going To Read This?

So I'm really liking this whole blog thing, but I've realized that there's kind of a lot of pressure. Is it just pressure that I'm putting on myself though (that would be something new and different - insert sarcasm - )? Everyday, I'm like OH, what can I post on my blog?! Oh wait, nothing exciting is happening. I feel like I need to have an event to share with you all (as if there are many of you reading this), which is kind of a lot of pressure. Should I just create events? I'm pretty sure that would be considered lying...even by my standards. :) Either way, thus is life and figure that honesty should be the best policy - exciting or not.

So last night we kicked off our Growth Groups (through EastLake) for the Winter Season. I'm doing an Expecting Moms group (with my super cute friend Ali!) and Blake's doing an Expecting Dads group. We're going to be reading "Your Marriage Can Survive A Newborn" (I'll keep you posted on the verdict of the book - never read it before) and Blake's reading "A Baby Manual" that he so cutely added to his Christmas list this year.

There are tons of girls in my group whose husband's are in Blakes which should be super fun. Normally, Blake and I do our own thing during Growth Group season so it'll be cool to have similar topics and have them on the same night (thankfully, I got the house to host and made his group meet somewhere else!). I feel like we have SO much to learn in the coming 14 weeks. Yes, 14 more weeks. FRICK!

*Side note: one of my awesome volunteers did give me a pair of converted "A" pocket Seven's that have the maternity band on them so I feel cute again in the wardrobe department. :)

Anyway, 14 weeks doesn't sound like very much time, especially when I don't even really know what I'm looking ahead to. Yes, I know, a baby is coming but what does that even mean for us? What will his room look like (PS, my friend Kelly sent me some links to a few cute sites that I'll share)? WHAT WILL HIS NAME EVEN BE?!?!

Actually, we might have picked a name. THAT'S AN EXCITING EVENT RIGHT?! Oh, you want to know so bad. We both REALLY like it and are in total agreement but just need to finalize one more thing before it's announced. Blake actually came home from group last night and was like, "I wished that we had a name so I could have told everyone so that we could claim it". Haha. I've got a lot of confidence though that no one will be picking this name for their little boy anytime between now and next Tuesday...

Anyway, I best be getting in the shower right about now. I've got to go pick up some pizza crusts for tonight's Build Your Own Pizza/Clue Extravaganza with the Huttons and Petersons. All I know was that it was prob Mrs. Peacock with the wrench in the frickin Library!!

**Here are the links to cute baby stuff that my friend sent me:
I LOVE all of these fabrics.  And want them in my house.  Not just his nursery.
LOVE this mirror...but maybe not for my little boy's room.  Maybe for the girl.  That doesn't exist.
Ta ta!


  1. For the record... I read... and so did Ashlyn :)

  2. I read. :-) But, I'm not checking everyday to see if you've updated, so don't worry.

    I love you and giving you belly massages! Ha ha!


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