Friday, February 26, 2010

Reason #455 Why I Love My Job - Staff Retreats

The first Staff Retreat of 2010 is officially in the books, and oh my goodness, we had SO much fun!

This is the place that we get to stay everytime:

It's freaking amazing! Blake and I were lucky enough to score an AWESOME room that faced the ocean. So we left our windows open at night so that we would fall asleep and wake up to the sound of crashing waves. It was wonderful. Except for the fact that the place happens to be right next to McChord Air Force Base, so the first morning we actually woke up to a bajillion fighter jets going Bombs Over Baghdad (or at least preparing for it), but otherwise it was super peaceful and romantic. :)

Not only do I love and adore the people that I get to do ministry with (and their spouses), but it's always such a good recharge time for Blake and I too. With no agenda for 3 days, it's the best for us to just reconnect and cuddle when we want and enjoy life together. We always seem to come home knowing, feeling, and remembering why we married each other. :) That sounds crazy, but anyone who is married knows exactly what I am talking about. It's not a knock to Blake at all, but you just need those times to be together and appreciate and cherish the love that you have for one another. This is obviously especially timely because we've got a baby on the way, so without that foundation, WE'RE SCREWED! So thank you Ryan & Michelle for creating such a great environment and staff culture that encourages and allows spouses to do life with all of us through ministry.

Here's a group shot of everyone (including spouses). For a church of 4,000+ we only have 16 (and growing!) people who officially call this their job. Pretty amazing group of peeps.

Other than that, our time was spent laughing until our cheeks and stomachs hurt. The girls had dance parties until 2am, Leah and I sang a lovely pregnant karaoke version of "My Humps", and the boys played cornhole til they couldn't get enough of that corn in the hole (that's what she said). Oh and not to forget the fact that the food was AWESOME! Blake and I scored leftover chicken gyros to take home and I actually just had a yummy one for lunch. Kendall, Wendy Woll and Lynn Mckee have got some serious kitchen skills (it's part of the interview process).

Needless to say, I am blessed.


  1. Such a fun retreat you all had, Ashley! That house looked incredible. How great is that, that God placed you and Blake at ECC .. With an incredible community! =)

    Oh and I might add you are looking so great with your bump!

  2. What an amazing opportunity for the whole family. You both are very fortunate.
    I love his name.... great job..
    I love the blog.. thank you for it !!
    I love you all :)
    Big Huggles from
    Auntie Cheri


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