Monday, April 12, 2010

Sneak Peak

In these last few weeks, Blake and I have left some of the MAJOR projects to the very end in prepping for Brecken's arrival. :) One of these is the Nursery.

{I am so thankful for a husband that not only loves doing manly projects, but also who is just so good at them as well}. Here is an unfiltered sneak peak at the progress made in his room thus far. There is still a lot of decorating and furniture to acquire, but we're getting there and I LOVE it so far!

Inspiration (bedding pattern) for the whole room...

Blake added some graffiti to test the paint color on the walls. We used Elephant Grey (like the Master Bedroom) above the chair rail.  Brecken's initials, my initials, and Blake's. :)

Plain room transformed with two-tone greys (my latest obsession) and a little architectural detail with a chair rail. Good job babe!

 **Update: More of the finished product here**


  1. I love it you guys .... you were right about the walls they are so great !! And I too am so impressed with you and your work Blake ... just think all you will get to teach Brecken throug out his life about these "manly" things

    Big Hugs :)

  2. Hey Ashley -- I just found your blog and love the look of the baby room, the two toned wall looks amazing!!! See you tomorrow at church.

  3. I love the grey colors you chose for the walls! None of that pastel blue nonsense here. :D

  4. I love the grey colors! This is exactly what I am doing in my nursery and it turned out blue! Can you tell me the specific color names of both of the greys please? It would be so appreciated!!!

  5. Ditto for the above, what are the grays that you used please? Having a really hard time picking 2 shades of gray to 2 tone my living room..

  6. Yes, please share the exact paint colors you used for the grays!

  7. Yes, Can you tell me what colors and brand of paint you used. Thanks

  8. I would love to know the colors you used, too.


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