Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soft as butta...

Welp, here we are. Final 2 weeks. I've been really struggling with anxiousness the last week or so just not knowing what to expect and wanting to know more about WHEN this thing is going to happen.

Went to the doctor again today and these were her updates:
2.5 cm dialated (last week was 1cm!)
50% effaced
"Buttery soft" cervix (don't Google image that)
And a "WHOA, he's LOW!"

Most importantly I think she saw in my eyes how done I am. I didn't ask or say anything specific, she just knew. She also said that if he's not here by next Thursday, then we can schedule a birthday party for Brecken! So yes, you read that right: my little boy will be here in less than 2 weeks! I wasn't as elated as I would have thought I was going to be to hear that I could be induced if he doesn't come on his own by next week probably mainly because I was still writhing in pain with tears coming down from "getting checked". I don't even know if this is appropriate blog stuff to write about. I'll probably get flagged, but I just wish someone would have shared with me prior so that I knew what to better expect. I guess hindsight supposedly ERASES all this physical pain that you endure once you hold that little babe...

Now that it's crunch time, we still have the following to accomplish:
1. Get dresser set up (ordered and on it's way)
2. Finish nursery - working on wall decor and shelving. Can't decide on exactly how to decorate the walls, but will for sure post pictures as soon as I do. I think I'll probably post it on too (it's a link through HGTV) because I've used so many of those nurseries as inspiration.
3. Clean this house!
4. SLEEP! Blake is hopefully stopping to get me some Unisom tonight so that I'm not an insomniac anymore...that really wears on ya!

One last thing would just be prayers for my mom and dad that they can get back here to Washington in time. My dad had a freak golf cart battery explosion accident (only in Arizona retired life...) and is stuck in AZ until the doctor releases him. Because he can't see and has to be monitored 24/7, my mom flew down there today. She is obviously quite worried that she's going to miss not only Brecken being born, but also my sister's graduation from WSU. I know that there's nothing that we can do to change things, but I also know that it would crush her if she had to miss one or the other, or both. It will all work out though...BRECKEN'S ON HIS WAY!!!!


  1. Congrats Ashley!!!! That is some exciting news. I think people didn't warn you about how much it hurts to get checked is because it didn't hurt them that much!??!?! Who in the world is your doctor and how HUGE are his hands!?????!!! (if it's a woman, then I don't know what to tell you!!)
    Oh, maybe he stripped your membranes? That IS painful!
    Good luck with everything. We'll be praying for your dad and praying that everyone can be back to Washington in time for the big events! I hope he's okay!?!

  2. I got some chills goin' on! Its been so long since we've gotten together that I can HARDLY believe it!!!!! Mom and I are planning a trip to see you this summer... so hopefully you arent planning on going anywhere!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    (and seriously... this far along an exam shouldnt have hurt... not sure what to tell ya on that one)

  3. Hey Ashley. I'm thinking about you and I hope your dad heals fast.
    You're going to be just fine and have a teeny tiny little baby very soon.



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