Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brecken Mathew

Wow, how different my reality is from a week ago.

Brecken is one week old and as I sit here pumping, I am updating a blog post with a real live BABY swinging in his swing next to me! As any mommy knows, I don't have much time to do things like update my blog, but I wanted to make sure to get at least SOMETHING documented. The truth is that I have been working on (this short) blog post for 3 days!

Yes, for 3 days, it has been open as a draft on my computer. Oh thus is life.

The good news is that I love my life right now. Blake has been home with me for the last week and it has been so awesome. Plus, we had my mom here every day just cleaning and taking care of us which honestly we couldn't have survived without her. If you are having a baby, I would HIGHLY recommend this!

Anyway, here are a few pics to enjoy that show off my cute little boy whom I'm totally in love with!


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