Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Goals

I was inspired to list out some summer goals to give me something to work toward:
1. Lose the baby weight. Stepped on the scale yesterday and I've definitely got some work to do!

2. Obtain and read Laura Bush's new book.

3. Finish Brecken's room (wall decor).

4. Go on a walk with my new family of 3 at least once a week.

5. Get tan!

6. Clean out my closet and sell unwanted clothes to Plato's closet.

7. Go to the drive-in (Blake has never been).

8. Visit a consignment store (and find some treasures)

9. Bleach my teeth (again).

10. Start, and maintain, a baby book for Brecken.

Maybe that is a little ambitious but we'll see how many of these I get to check off the list in a few months!


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