Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleeping Baby is Bliss

Wow. We are 5 weeks, almost 6 weeks, into this parenthood thing and wow - what an adjustment! I absolutely love and adore my baby, but this no sleep thing is for the birds.

I just plain can't function with no sleep. Scratch that, I can function - just not very nicely (poor husband).

Yesterday I was able to get out of the house, just me, for a couple of hours and I chose to wander aimlessly up and down the aisles at Ben Franklin. Can I just say how much I LOVE Ben Franklin.  I wanted to be inspired, I needed those creative juices to flow through me.

I came home so energized and amped to TACKLE my unfinished projects. {I wish so much that I could be that crafty mom who has all of these adorable personalized things all over her house, but alas, I'm really best at just copying (it's a serious timesaver).}

PS have you ever looked at my mom's blog? It's amazing what she makes! I am hoping that I inherit at least HALF of her creative abilities. We're very similar though in that we like to create different crafts, but they aren't just freehand. We have to be inspired. I have to have structure. And then my creations come out! (photo examples to come later).

I actually feel pretty refreshed today though. We have adapted some new sleeping strategies for little Mr. Brecken and what it has resulted in is more quiet time during the day for mom and more concentrated, continuous, sleep for mom AND dad at night. Bliss! I'm honestly really just starting to feel a little more normal. Does it normally take this long? 5 weeks?

I have had the desire to get together with so many friends and family and continue the long string of visitors that are wanting to meet Brecken, but it seriously has taken everything in me to not just say NO!! GIVE ME SOME SPACE!! (in of course the most gracious Christian way possible).

I love all of these people, I truly do, but it has been all I can handle to just adjust to my new way of life. Now though, with some sleep under my belt, I am feeling MUCH more normal. In fact, I'm even going to finish Brecken's nursery (starting yesterday)! So I apologize to those friends and family that I have been shelled up within the confines of my house for the past several weeks, not super eager to get together or attend all outings invited to, but I'm adjusting and finally feeling like I can say yes.


  1. Hey if you are getting more sleep at 6 weeks. . . that's GREAT! I hope he keeps it up! Crew tricked us around 3 months, and we thought he was going to start sleeping through the night. Yeah right. I tried everything and read a lot of books, but the kid just wasn't ready until 9 months. Honestly, I just got used to it. . . and took naps during the day! Oh the joys of motherhood. . . Love ya!

  2. Tessa is almost 13 months and STILL waking up at night. uggh!!! But i KNOW you can have a good sleeper! All my sister's (4) kids started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks!
    I'm calling you VERY soon!!


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