Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thinking Orange

I'm reading this book for work right now called "Think Orange" and the basic principle is uniting the church (yellow) and the family (red) to make orange. Let me just share something that was SO eye-opening to me:
On average per year, a church will get about 40 hours of a child's time whereas the family will get about 3,000 hours with that same child. 3,000 vs. 40 - that's a HUGE difference! So why does our culture think that it's the church's primary responsibility to bring our children up right to know God, when the FAMILY is the one spending all of the time with our kids?! Duh. So that was semi-overwhelming for me to fathom. It is basically MY responsibility to teach Brecken to know his Creator. Where do you even start?!

So our day is broken into natural rhythms (morning, noon, and night). You are usually open to different things at different times (most people would know that a mimosa tends to usually go with breakfast in the morning and sangria comes at night :) ). Well, with our kids this proves to be the same. As a parent, I am responsible to be a teacher, a friend, a counselor, and a coach amongst other things. So what if I used the natural rhythms of the day to give this type of attention and growth to Brecken?

At meal time, we can have a formal discussion to establish values and I'm (and Blake) the teacher. While driving to and from, we can have an informal dialogue to interpret life, and I'm a friend. Each night tucking Brecken into bed, it is a more intimate conversation to build intimacy, and I'm the counselor. And finally, each morning I can build Brecken up with encouraging words to instill purpose for him, and I'm his coach.

Meal Time --> Formal Discussion --> Teacher --> Establish Values

Drive Time --> Informal Dialogue --> Friend --> Interpret Life

Bed Time --> Intimate Conversation --> Counselor --> Build Intimacy

Morning Time --> Encouraging Words --> Coach --> Instill Purpose

So although we have the largest responsibility to actually parent our child (shocker), I feel like I have a great tool to now help me throughout the natural rhythms of my day to apply these principles and achieve the goals in raising Brecken that Blake and I have. Ahh..not so overwhelmed anymore. :) I'm going to look forward to those 3,000 hours with purpose now.

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