Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 Tutorials I LOVE Right Now

I did a little blog stalking (as we all do, let's be honest) and am SO inspired by some of these moms and ladies in what they are accomplishing on top of their 9-5's (okay, maybe this job works a little overtime too). Anyway, enjoy!

1. Emily @ Jones Design Company suggests making this amazing book wreath.
This is literally TOP of my list of projects to complete (I actually just purchased my book for it yesterday at the local thrift store!). She's got some AWESOME tutorials so browse around her site!

2. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma made this hilariously cute timeout stool.
Even though Brecken isn't quite to the disciplining age, once he does get there, I'm for sure going to have to spend some time making one of these because how functional and cute is it?!

3. Imparting Grace gave me inspiration to get my pantry in order!
And to accompany a clean pantry and organized food stuff, I want to try the next one too:

4. Cannister Labels from StakerSensations shop on Etsy.
The trick with this one will be to find the exact right cannisters. I can't decide if I want to get clear cannisters (so that you can see what's inside as well) or solid like the ones above. Either way, anything that I can accessorize with vinyl these days is a project worth my time!

5. Isabella & Max is one of my favorite blogs to follow, and she has me analyzing every wall in my house to see which one I can transform to look like this:
The look of wallpaper, without the mess, and the ability to make it a feature wall. I just love this!

Anyway, there you have it! Be inspired with both huge projects and little ones. I'm working on a couple right now and will post them as soon as we return from vacation. I'm really all about the type of projects that I can accomplish in the span of naptime!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Awesome projects!! I can help you with No. 4 with my Slice. It cuts vinyl electronically and has tons of fonts and punctuation that would work perfectly with this project. And any other die cutting for that matter. Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. YAY, thanks for this great feature! And I love all the others tutorials you featured!


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