Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing the SAHM's Club

What is SAHM's Club (pronounced Sam's Club - completely unrelated and unaffiliated with Walmart's knockoff version of Costco)? It is the new association of choice in the Carbonatto household {Stay At Home Mom}.

After much back and forth deliberation and prayer, Blake and I have decided for our family that one full time job for each of us is plenty, and thus I reluctantly have resigned from my position at EastLake. I'm sure there will be many nostalgic posts in the weeks to come as I wrap everything up, but today I thought I'd share the list of what we're most excited about in joining the SAHM's Club - one according to Blake and then the other according to me.

From Blake's perspective:
1. Brecken gets your full attention
2. I get more of your attention
3. Vacations don't need to be planned around your work schedule
4. Brecken gets a dedicated teacher/trainer everyday
5. Our house will be picked up more regularly
6. You will be less stressed out
7. We will have a weekly meal schedule
8. You get to participate in all play dates
9. We get our weekends back
10. I can come home to dinner during the week

From Ashley's perspective:
1. More time to watch the DVR'd episodes of One Tree Hill, Glee, Life Unexpected, and Modern Family
2. Lots of play dates with friends and babies alike
3. A better effort at {ATTEMPTING} a weekly meal schedule
4. Vacations?! Great, glad we can still afford those!
5. Stress will now only be coming from one source instead of a culmination of many
6. Need to get my butt in gear and figure out how to teach Brecken - not sure I'm qualified for that!
7. No more excuses as to why I can't cook dinner I out Pioneer Woman, Ashley's coming to town.
8. Will rekindle my {love-hate relationship with my running shoes}
9. I can now get back to my regularly scheduled dates with Matt & Meredith, Regis & Kelly, Drew, Ellen and all those appearing on HGTV.
10. Look for me to soon become a blogger-extraordinare (in theory)

As you can see, we don't quite see 100% eye-to-eye on what the expectations of a SAHM's Club Member are, but it is a work in progress and I'm confident that he will see the light sometime soon.


  1. You've done wonders to all things families at ECC! You rocked, and you still do. :) Thanks girl, for everything! I'll now try to convince you to run half marathon. ;)

  2. Welcome to the club my friend :) It aint easy - I thought I would have all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted, but even having one kid can be a lot of work sometimes. I know you will love it though - I wouldn't choose to be doing anything else but trying to be the best Mom & wife I can right now. (That's not to knock on working Mom's - everyone knows what's best for their own situation). Just trying to show my support and LOVE!

  3. Thanks Krislyn - it's because of people like you that have made this job so easy. And thank you, thank you Have - that means a lot!

  4. Probably the toughest job question it is the most rewarding!


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