Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

It's another beautiful day in Seattle - seriously, beautiful. Sunny and prob 60 today. Love it. Woke up this morning, fed Brecken, got him changed (peed through his jammies again - the kid is a constant leaky faucet!), then sat down at my computer. Well to my joy, I had several new emails saying that we had a few more new donations, and they all had a theme: from my good friend Debt Ninja. Apparently today is National Bloggers Action Day with the theme being clean water, and so Debt Ninja decided to use his massive following (literally) to point them in the direction of raising money for our well!! He blogs about personal finance and I can't agree with him more to say that {there is no better use of your money (budgeted or non-budgeted) than to wastefully give it to others}. We're now at $3,518 and I really feel like we can do it.

Plus, with Charity:Water, your money goes into action right away. Check this out.

So in honor of an AWESOME random act of kindness, supporting National Bloggers Action Day and clean water, feel free to make a donation yourself! Seriously, only $10 gives someone clean water for 10 years. How can you say you don't have even $10?

Happy Friday and thank you again Debt Ninja - we owe ya. :) How about a trip to San Diego in February? Okay, perf (it's already booked ztsssss).


  1. A trip to San Diego sounds lovely! I'm trying to pimp this water thing hard!


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