Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm kind of scattered this morning with what to write, so I'll just share whatever is top of mind:

Number 1 Random: This is week 3 of being a full-time SAHM, and because I'm in the house more (and have more time on my hands), I've been trying to improve my wife and mom skills with personalizing our house. You'll see I've added a new section on my blog to document some of the fun new things that I'm adding to our home, {because I want these blank walls to transform into our home}. Plus, it seriously helps for Blake and I to be on the same page every week.

For example, our new family schedule now hangs in our family room like this:

It was a super simple, and inexpensive project. One (okay two) trips to Ben Franklin and wah-la, we have a hub for our family schedule and meals for the week.

Materials consist of:
12x12 frame
12x12 scrapbook paper (here, I have chosen a classic spooookkkyy design for Halloween)
Day of the week magnets (clearance section)
12x12 metal sheet behind the scrapbook paper so that the magnets stick
2 Bistro Pens (that erase easily on any glass surface)
Vinyl decal of "Family Happenings"

Random Thought #2:
Isn't it funny what parents will do to make their kid laugh? I know that for Blake and I, we seriously make such fools of ourselves just to get a 2 second giggle from this kid. Here are a couple of recent examples:


Number 3 Random Thought:
Ryan yesterday challenged us to do some homework this week and determine what consumes your thoughts if you let your mind wander. Sometimes those "random" thoughts that enter your mind can either be what's keeping you from God, OR possibly, what the key is in connecting you more to God. {Sometimes it is in those unique "conversations" that God might be trying to reveal to you your unique purpose}. Needless to say, it was a new perspective on how I'm going to start enjoying those positive wanderous thoughts.


  1. See ... you are taking this SAHM task very seriously and doing excellent at it!!

  2. Sooo... this (your board) is EXACTLY what I've been wanting to do... only on a smaller scale for my teeny tiny house. Did you get the metal sheet at Ben Franklin too?

    Very cute!

  3. Yes, Stace - the metal sheet was at BF for like $1.49 - can't beat that! And the only reason I chose 12x12 is because 1)those frames were on sale and 2)all of the best scrapbook paper is 12x12 and I'm too lazy to alter the size. :) Post a picture when you finish yours - I love seeing the individual differences!

  4. I think it's great that you are starting to work on your best full-time job ever so diligently! Organizing your home is important, and setting up a schedule is super great! Good job!

  5. I was SO excited! My metal sheet came in the mail today!!! Its stinkin' ALUMINUM!!!! MAGNETS DONT STICK TO ALUMINUM!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!


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