Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday...for the Birds

Call me crazy (or lazy) but getting up before the birds awake sounds like my worst nightmare come true. I am all about finding a deal or saving a penny (I hate paying full price for anything!), but not at the cost of my beauty sleep! And I don't care that your flat screen TV is $300 off, I'd rather wait until it's only $300 more and sleep in my cozy bed dreaming of sugarplum fairies (only at the holidays do I do that).

I actually talked to a friend today that was so set on getting good deals, that she woke up her little baby at {3am} to schlep him into the car for Target and Macys day o'shopping. Great for you. Not for me.

{Black Friday is a thing of the past. For crazies only}.

There is one exception to that: retailers that allow Black Friday promotionals from the comfort of my own home. that sounds more like it.

Slippers. Hoodie. Cup 'o jo in my hand. Morning breath. Saving dollar bills. Love it.

Anyway, I think I found the Black Friday deal of the century. Photo canvases. I know, they are all the rage right now, but I'm not ashamed to say I'm takin a seat on that train.

Costco carries them.
Families use them.
How Does
But never before have I seen them for such a great deal. {Canvas People are offering 50% off all canvases (any size!) PLUS free shipping anytime between now and December 3rd}.

You bet AT LEAST one of these are going to be doning my walls. In each room of my house.

I'm obsessed. And I don't even get paid to advertise this company. I just thought I'd save you all the pain of price-comparing and searching for the next way to display your loved ones in a classy, inexpensive way.

Happy (online) shopping!

**Update:  I didn't finish my order on Canvas People last night (husbands and babies will do that to your attention span), and this morning I woke up to a nice email in my inbox enticing me to finish my order with them with a $55 gift certificate attached!!  {Hello - FREE!!!!!}  Not sure if this always happens or is just part of their Black Friday promo but I LOVE!!!


  1. I too do not like waking up early!! It's terrible, but I don't mind pulling an all-nighter! I went out at 10pm and got home about 4:45am. I got a few decent deals, but nothing AMAZING. I like saving money anywhere I can as well! The plus to me going: I'm done with the Christmas shopping!
    Thanks for sharing the canvas deal! I might just have to snag that deal right up! (if I ever get my family pictures back that is!)

    I know the girls that started
    Cool huh!?!? And the babies in the pic are cute little twins born the same day as Tess! So fun!!!!

  2. Oh man, an all-nighter. Sounds great in theory, but may be a thing of my youth. Do I sound like a 50 year old woman? :) And SO cool that you know those girls - I LOVE their website. Do you know them from church? They look young - are they our age? Miss you guys!

  3. I would've never pulled an all-nighter with a little guy Blake's age. Even Tessa's age is border line to me. Dorian went with me, so we took sleeping shifts the next day. It worked out well. You do not sound old! Shopping on-line from your home sounds so much better than standing in line in 6 degree weather waiting for the store to open (that sounds stupid)!
    I met Shelley at BYU-I. She was Kristena Roberts roommate the summer I was first married. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Kristena then! So Shelley became an acquaintance that I keep up. It's her and her little sister. Shelley I believe is a year or 2 younger than me so yup, our age! ;o)


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