Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Christmas Mantel

The Christmas decorations jumped out of the box the day after Thanksgiving.  They were begging to get put up.  My mom has been super generous the last couple of years, in (permanently?) loaning us the majority of her beautiful Christmas decor that I have adapted here and there to adjust to our home and style.

When we first moved into the house, the only fireplace that existed was in the formal living room.  LAME.  No one even actually uses that stupid room.  {So my husband went all DIY on me}, installed and built us a great corner fireplace for our cozy family room.  Hard to believe it didn't even exist there before.

 I still am loving my Christmas Countdown Blocks.  You also see here those great black & gold 10 x 10 frames.  Picked them up @ the Dollar Store...50% off.  (For non math majors, that's 50 cents each).
 The two 18x24 pictures in the background are actually wrapped with neutral packing paper that I had on hand.  Spiced them up a little with $1.50 black paper rafia (my newest obsession!) and some thick red ribbon from Michaels.
I still haven't ordered Brecken a stocking...nor do I have a holder for him either.  Need to get on that.  I don't really want to spend a lot of money on it though because I know I'm just going to want to get all new (MATCHING) gear once our family is complete...Mom, don't get any ideas.  That could be awhile.

Oh joy.  Wish that I had created a tutorial for them.  These represent literally one of my very first projects EVER.  Simple paper mache letters from Michaels, painted green, adhered some fun glitter paper on either side, and tied with a ribbon.  Found the glass ball from Crate & Barrel on clearance a couple years ago to round it out.  Haha...round it out.  Man, I'm funny.
Here's our formal living room mantel.
The mantel skirt is a creation via this lady.  She went all Martha on us one year, and whipped this red velvet beauty right up - jingle bells and all.

{Total costs for both mantels:  $11.50*}
*The caviat is that's all I spent this year.  :)

Check out other beautiful, and much more sophisticated, mantels at The Lettered Cottage for way better inspiration.

All credit for this goes to my mom.I love the mirros, and the handmade velvet mantel cover.

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  1. didn't know you had a blog, but i should have suspected! :) love your mantels :) i especially love the JOY. i might need to try something like that!


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