Monday, November 15, 2010

The Well Update

Many of you have faithfully followed the progress of our family's efforts in trying to raise enough money to provide clean water to an entire community somewhere else in the world.

A mantra that describes our journey with charity:water thus far comes from the great John Wooden:
{Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do}
We single-handedly cannot change the world or rid the world's epidemic of dirty water and disease that is a result of it. But instead of dwelling on a debilitating thought such as that, we are proud to announce that with the GENEROUS help of our friends and family, a community will be changed FOREVER.

We successfully met our goal thanks to the extreme generosity of many blogging friends and faithful friends and family in our life.

Many have inquired about what happens now. Let me just tell you:

1. Once the campaign is closed (which it is), the money raised is combined with other fundraisers and 100% of it goes to the partners of Charity:Water who are on the ground.

2. Charity:Water has already identified the communities most in need of clean water, and once the money reaches them the work will start.

3. With the local community's help (on the ground), the water project is constructed and a health worker provides sanitation and hygiene training to the village.

4. in 12-18 months you, and everyone who donated to our well, will receive GPS coordinates, photos and information about the project the campaign helped fund.

I just can't wait to see the life change that so many people helped provide. Thanks guys!


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