Monday, December 27, 2010


Whew - the holidays are over!  What a fantastic season, but boy am I glad to be looking forward to 2011.  I absolutely LOVE hosting, but I feel like I've been cleaning my house for days and days....a million times over.  {But I so enjoyed decorating my home and preparing to share in these memorable times with our loved ones}.

Not only that, but I feel like I seriously don't need to eat until 2011.  We have had a {week o' food}.  It's one of the benefits of having 4 separate Christmas celebrations (in one week!) and marrying into a very traditional Italian Family (Blake's grandpa's name is Alfredo Guiseppe Carbonatto - I.TAL.IAN).

I thought I'd share with my fellow foodies some of the goodies that we devoured this week.

We had literally everything from a delicious build-your-own Taco Bar (one of the most genius non-traditional holiday meals EVER!), Prime Rib, Teriyaki Chicken Wings to my personal favorite - the Baked Pear French Toast. 
I borrowed the recipe from Reluctant Entertainer because it looked like the perfect Christmas Morning deliciousness, but added my own twist - about 1/3 cup of Light EggNog.  'Tis the season right!  It turned out SO yummy - although I must have a crappier oven than Ms. RE because mine needed to bake for a good 60 minutes instead of her recommended 40 in order to ensure non-runnyness in the middle.  Seriously so good though and will be officially added to our holiday meal collection of future. :)

The desserts were to-die-for as well, with primarily my mom to thank.  She made some sea salt caramel brownies.

Another night, we divulged on this goodness:
Congo Bars - yum!

I'm honestly full just talking about all the food we consumed this week.  I'm also really feeling like I need to go least to the mailbox.  Ha.

Check back tomorrow for some more Christmas highlights and thoughts!

Have you already taken your decorations down?  Does it depress you like it does me?  What deliciousness was on your holiday menu?

1 comment:

  1. Taco Bar -- such a good idea .. But gosh, those Sea Salt Carmel Brownies, I'm in love!


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