Thursday, December 16, 2010

He Chases Me

My countdown blocks tell me that there are 9 days left until Christmas.  {That means there are 9 days left to re-focus, reflect, and remember the reason for the season}.

I'm for sure guilty of comparing my home to others.  Proudly snapping pictures of my vignettes, decor or tree around the house, uploading them, taking a walk around blogland, and suddenly feeling super insecure...or incomplete.  I need more.  Or at least that's what I catch myself thinking.

But in reality, I have more than enough.  I am SO blessed.
These men in my life are reason enough to be thankful this season.  Beyond that, we have a beautiful home, friends and family that we adore, and a Savior who daily takes me back into His arms.  {The God of history chases after ME}.

When I really think about it, I would so much rather be known for the love that I bestow (did I just use the word bestow in a sentence?) on my family,  or the encouragement that I give to my friends, rather than how beautified my house looks at all times.  I don't need to keep up appearances.  Jesus doesn't even care.

So this is my confession that my thought-life wanders to "not good enough" or "theirs is better than mine" regularly.  I am guilty as charged.  BUT, I want to be a doer, not a listener.  

This is my pledge that I will spend the next (at least) 9 days,
.giving then living.
.accepting His grace.
.loving wastefully on my husband and baby boy.
.sharing the Good News through my actions.
.Reflecting on the other baby boy that made this all possible.

I have found joy today in my little man, my husband, my health, and my home.  I challenge you to do the same.  Erase the pull to compare, and measure up to something you aren't, nor were created to be{Find joy in the one who chases you}.


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