Friday, December 10, 2010

The Name Game

{Have I ever told you that I am mildy obsessed with baby names}?  I LOVE names.  I LOVE hearing of a good strong name...there's just something about it, I don't know.

The top 10 baby names for 2010 were just released.  And for someone who researched A LOT of names before picking Brecken, I can't say that I was too shocked at most of the names on the list.

Who rounds out the top 10 you ask?  Let's take a look.

1.  Aiden (shocker)
2.  Jacob
3.  Jackson
(love the name, but went to HS there...couldn't do it)
4.  Ethan
5.  Jayden

6.  Noah (do you know as many red-headed Noahs as I do?)
7.  Logan
8.  Caden
(heard of the Aiden, Jaden, Caden craze?  I have)
9.  Lucas
10.  Liam

I was actually surprised to see Lucas and Logan on there.  I would have thought (just by my own frame of reference) that these were less common names.  I know about a billion Aiden's and a bagillion Liams, respectively.

Let's take a look at the girls:


1.  Sophia (she's got that old-world sophistication)
 2.  Isabella (sounds like someone you want to marry right?)
3.  Olivia  (I think she'd be my best friend)
4.  Emma
5.  Chloe (LOVE her designs...oh wait)
6.  Ava
7.  Lily
8.  Madison
9.  Addison (this was one of our girl names before Brecken...phew!)
10.  Abigail
Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of these names.  And if you chose to name your kid one of them, great.  My name is Ashley.  Do you know how many Ashley's I grew up with?  I lived with 7 Ashley's in college!  I was always Ashley L, or Loncon (my maiden name) because there needed to be something distinguishing about me since there were always other Ashleys. A. nNoy. Ing.

I like my name.  {I just HATED that everyone else always had it}.  I don't blame my parents for the countless hours of counseling required discovering my true identity choosing one of the most popular names for an entire DECADE...they didn't have BabyCenter.  It also wasn't even trendy to go out a limb like:

As a recruiter (in my previous life), I would receive a resume, and anyone named Jessica, Rachel, or Ashley, I could immediately tell you was in their 20's and was a product of the 80's.

Brecken was the #1149 most popular name this year.  That's more like it.  I know though that his name will more than likely be a mark of his generation too.  But what name isn't?

It sounded masculine to me, but not Maxamillion-masculine.  It sounded a little preppy to me, but not Preston-preppy.  It sounded a little loving to me, but not Lyle-loving.  Or maybe that's Lyle Lovett.  Whatev - you get the picture.

Granted, we definitely get the "ohhh....that's interesting" comments when people ask what his name is.  But whatever.  {I've learned that if you're confident in your name choice for your child, who cares what other people say}.  It's YOUR kid.

Read the list and find where your favs rank.  What are they?  Do rankings and popularity matter to you?


  1. Yep, #7... Before we had decided Caden's name I had only heard it a handful times. Well now not so much. My husband wanted a "c" name(to match Chris and my stepson Cody) when we went through the baby name book I loved it,it fits him.I do know for sure will be called Caden S. in school! :)Desiree

  2. What about Melissa!?!? Couldn't you "immediately tell I was in my 20's and was a product of the 80's?"
    I TOTALLY get the Melissa W. thing and growing up with Melissa's! BLECK! However, Dorian DOES NOT GET THIS, and likes "normal names" as do I, but not on the TOP 10 list!!!! Carson was a little higher than I'd like, James even higher...although I rarely run into other kids named James. I made sure Tessa was not as popular before I decided on it...#208 in 2009! I would've LOVED for it to be #1149, but what can you do!?!?
    I have a crush on the name Brecken, but now have 2 friends with kids that name. And don't forget, I TOTALLY have a girl "A" name for ya that isn't in the top 1000 names this year or the past 10 years!!! ;o)

  3. Great blog Ash! And interesting topic... I def feel ya! ~"insert popular from the 80's first name" (did you really hate all the other ashleys growing up? Hah) Loose~

  4. Melissa - I want to know that "A" name!


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