Monday, December 6, 2010

Normal People

Normal people eat.  Normal people drink.  Normal people go to the doctor.

What if you found out that {80% of all of the world's disease could be tracked to dirty drinking water}.

Sounds crazy to me.  Not normal.

Normal people can do a lot.  Normal people can make an impact.  Normal people can change the world.  {Normal people can change someone's world}.

Scott Harrison from charity:water proved that this weekend.  EastLake is full of a bunch of abnormal people, and together raised $300,000 to get other normal people clean water who don't have it.

Craig Terrill - big burly Seahawk, Craig Terrill - normal guy.  Selling his CD for $5 to give other normal people clean water.  (BUY IT).

I was reminded this weekend that God uses regular, normal people to make a difference.  I just have to allow it.

I don't have to be famous.  I don't have to be rich.  I don't have to be extra special.  Just normal.   

Normal matters.  {Normal can make a difference}.

I'm challenged and inspired.  And grateful.


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