Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy Favs

I love Etsy.  It is one of the places that you can regularly find me "window shopping".  For inspiration.  Home decor.  Personalized gifts.  You name it, you can find it on Etsy.

I thought I would showcase a couple of my fabulous (real life) friends as they attempt to make it big in the Etsy world.

First is a dear friend Kristin of K Rev
Not only is this lady so uber talented, but she truly has the heart of gold.  She went so far as to bring me my very own piece of K Rev jewelry when I was pregnant, simply because every mom wants to feel pretty while they are carrying their baby.  Oh my goodness.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Like the nicest, most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.
Don't you just love them??

In the clothing department, there's my friend Becky of Oh Really Becky Makes AND Becky Sullivan Designs.  
This girl is a serious one-woman show.  She's got a blog, is planning a wedding, works, oh yeah, and makes these beautiful custom pieces as one of Seattle's most promised up-and-coming designers.
 She has gorgeous jackets, skirts, and can re-purpose seriously anything.

And then finally, a blogger BFF, Ashley of Little Miss MommaShe's got fun accent rings, and my most favorite of all - the Mustache Necklace.
I'm thinking that $15 of my spending money next month needs to get dedicated to this fun accessory.

And I speak of her often, but Emily of Jones Design Company seriously needs to stop making such cute EVERYTHING.

I want this:
  Oh, and this:
Well shoot, and this:
AND, she's even giving away all of this
So there you have it.  

I do have many more favs (like Vintage WannaBee), but I only have your attention for so long ya know?

Now if I could just convince my madre to let me run an Etsy shop for her beautiful creations...


  1. I am becoming more obsessed with Etsy by the day. I mean, maybe I shouldn't even go on there for fear of clicking the buy button!

  2. Miss Ashley...I just wanted you to know that although I do not get to read your blog every day I do try to get to it at least once a week. It always puts a smile on my face (and in my heart). I am often inspired by your musings and thoughts, both temporally and spiritually. When did you become this beautiful young woman both inside and out? In my mind's eye you are still little Ashley from next door with the big fat ponytail. :) In actuality you are a grown woman with a beautiful family. I am sooo happy for you. You really do inspire me...Love you...Miss Joni

  3. Go for it! You have the cards, don't you? If not, I told you you could help yourself. Do with them what you want! Do you really only get $15 for spending money? Sell the cards on Etsy and make some ore spending money!! Love you!

  4. Kristin sure rocks! And I am with you Ashley, can I please have all of the Jones Design print outs please. :) Lastly, jump on the offer your Mom made about selling her cards!

  5. I would buy your mom's cards in a second! You should sell them and every Friday share a new one with your readers (and include a link to your new Etsy account).

    And big fat THANK YOU for the shout out! :)


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