Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Framers

We had a great weekend with friends as expected.  Even though, our beloved Seahawks came up a little short, it was a great way to start our 2011.

Trips like these are the memories that the Carbonattos live for.  They truly are the moments that make life enjoyable. 
Ragamuffin ice hockey.  Love it.

Two-thousand ten brought us a way to capture those moments.

When Brecken was born, we took the plunge and invested in a nice camera.
Okay, it's not professional nice, but it is way nicer than what we ever owned before.  And our picture quality is a bagillion times better now. 

If you've got any excuse to capture and document the little moments of life, I would STRONGLY advise investing in a nice camera {Which if you are living and breathing, you have an excuse to buy a camera}.

Instead of pictures like these:
Cute.  But oh-so-boring.
You get pictures like these:
And then when you want to get really artsy, you can take shots like this
Distance focus.


Distance focus.
Okay, I really am no professional.  But having a nice(r) camera has made taking pictures so much more fun.
But what REALLY has taken our pictures to the next level is photo editing software.

It is truly worth the investment. (I'll be honest though, a friend actually burned the software on our computer for free.  So find yourself one of those friends, and then it's REALLY worth the investment).

There are TONS of image settings that with a simple click of the mouse, you can get professional-esque pictures like these:
Adobe Lightroom offers several presets that are literally idiot-proof.

Some of my most favorite go-to settings are:
Setting: Stunning

Setting: Go To
Setting: PH Hardrocker
Setting: Isolated Blues
People will often ask: who does your photography?  Or who edited those pictures?  The answer everytime - US!
Setting: Silvertone BW
Setting: PH Hardrocker
Setting: Soft & Dreamy
Setting: Peace on Earth
So there you have it.

My two (normal people) photography secrets:
some serious photo-editing software (I use Picasa & Adobe Lightroom2).

With both of those, we've got some serious framers with each event and moment of life.

For some other really great tips, check out Nate Berkus' go-to photography expert, Me Ra Koh.

She gives you more idiot-proof advice on taking family photos, pictures with your pets, or pics with your kiddos.

Hopefully this helps take your captured moments to the next level - FRAMEworthy.


  1. Thank you for this post. i realized you posted it a while ago, but I am new to your blog, and couldn't have been happier to discover your examples of what lightroom can do.
    My husband bought me a Canon DSLR for my birthday in the summer, which I love. I am currently learning how to shoot in the manual modes, which is pretty fun. But seeing the effects that you have added to your photos, and knowing that they are easy presets, it was wonderful! I did as you said and found a friend who could get me a download for my computer, which is also wonderful, and now I'm looking for some great presets to import into lightroom.
    If you have found any other user-friendly tips through using lightroom, please feel free to share!



  2. @Melanie
    Sorry it took me so long to respond! I haven't invested anymore time into learning how to use my camera, but I did just come across this post and the class looks SUPER helpful.


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