Friday, January 21, 2011

Homemade Cake

My friend Danielle got me hooked onto the amazing and wonderful products of Whippy Cake.

What I LOVE about Whippy Cake, aside from the adorable flowers (duh), is that they are interchangeable!  You can switch them out like you switch your underwear.

Plus, let's be honest, everything is cuter with a flower.

I fervently followed their blog and store for months waiting because obviously everyone else and their mom loved them too, and their product was sold out.

Well, being that I am rather impatient when I get something in my head, I immediately thought: I can make those!

Gather the following materials:
Flowers of any sort (use LMM's tutorial or Emily's or just buy them @ the store)
Hot Glue Gun
Bobby pins and/or velcro

Once your flowers are made (some were purchased in packs of 6 @ Ben Frankling for $5 and some were entirely homemade), you begin.

Step 1
Hot glue desired flower arrangements directly onto the felt.  Keep them as compact, and layered, as you can.

Step 2
Cut out your little glued square of flower so that no felt can be seen from the front.
Then, cut out a second circle of felt that will fit onto the bunch of flower felt.

Step 3
Using any sharp tool that you have nearby (I used eyebrow tweezers...weird, I know), poke two tiny holes about 1 cm apart, so that you can easily slide a bobby pin through them.

Step 4
Hot glue the bobby pin circle to the back of the bunch of flowers and wa-la, you've got yourself a cute versatile clip that can be attached to any headband, beanie, cardigan, or other fun clothing item needing a bit of homemade Whippy Cake.
Bobby-pin flower bunch added to KKi Betty beanie.  LOVE.
You can also use velcro to adhere the little bunch to your elastic if you so choose.

Now go to town.  That's what I did.
These are my new favorite way to spice up any dirty hair day.  

The total cost for ALL materials used was $8 - and that got me 6 headbands!  

As much as I am a fan of Whippy Cake, I'm almost glad they were sold out for so long because I saved myself a TON of money and got just as cute of a product. (FYI, Whippy Cake has restocked their collection and if you don't have the patience for homemade, go there and purchase them all - they are SO cute!).

Homemade Headbands - a definite must-have in a girls life.
**PS - thanks to my cute sister for being a good model. :)

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  1. So stinkin' cute, sweetie!! You guys did a great job - so proud that I've managed to raise two crafty girls!! Love it!

  2. Perfect! Thanks for linking up. :)

  3. These are so cute! I posted this as one of my favorite tutorials and linked back to you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. New follower here, I was wondering if anyone had made their own... I love your flowers, I decided to make my own as well, I have an 8 year old daughter who LOVES them, she gets compliments at school all the time. I think they are so fun to make.

  5. Hi Carolyn - I'm excited you're joining the adventure! And thank you to everyone else. :)


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