Friday, January 7, 2011

In & Out

 2010 taught us a lot.  One of those things is the importance of date nights.  

Pre-baby, there were minimal distractions and limited outside options pulling our time and it felt like {sometimes} that the intentional time wasn't as hard to carve out.

Enter Brecken.
Once the little guy began growing in my belly, we instantly realized "Whoa, life is never going to be the same."  In a good way.  But different nonetheless.

Our time together became oh-so-precious.  We thought it necessary to spend the majority of 2010 establishing habits that would carry-through post-baby.  We all know how hard it is to pick up new habits once the whirlwind of a child comes into play (gym anyone?!).

I am proud to say that date nights are a REGULAR event in our week. 
We rotate each week of a date-night-in and date-night-out strategy (makes finding a babysitter much more realistic). 

Date Night Outs can be anything.  Take these opportunities to paint the town red.
Get dressed up.  Go out to eat.  Or head to a local lookout park, with a cup ' jo and just TALK.
Okay, this may or may not be from when we lived in SoCal and the beach was much more accessible...and warmer.  Details. 
For date night in, hubby will often pick up some take out (because a night off from cooking sounds SOO dreamy).  We put Brecken to bed (6pm promptly on these nights), and begin our romantic (inside) evening.

Red Box movies make regular appearances on these evenings.  $1 for a movie - can't get much cheaper than that.
Sign up for their emails to see which new releases they have each week and reserve them online! 
The ancient art of board games also make regular appearances.  Friendly competition.  Engages us.  No outside media distraction.

And every so often, we'll do a group date, or double date, and have that count as our weekly "get-together".
Limos are cheaper when the cost is split amongst many!
OMG.  Mocha Praline from Dilettante.  Dish delish.
Blake typically plans 3 date nights for us a month, and I take the lead on 1.  That way, we are both initiating and putting thought into loving the other.  Making deposits in one another's love banks.  

I'm considering doing a weekly series on this to brag about my husband inspire other marriages to take the leap and INTENTIONALLY invest in your single-most important relationship this side of the pearly gates.

{What are your go-to date night activities?  What are the built-in systems you have to help maintain and keep the romance?}


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