Sunday, January 9, 2011

Numero Uno

Remember when I went to Ben Franklin the other day? 

Here is the first creation from that loot.

Introducing Mr. Stenciled Red Lamp:

Here's how we got there:

Step 1
Disassemble parts and begin spray-painting process.  This is an extra lamp that I had sitting around in the garage for eons, and just never really liked (prob my first cue that I shouldn't have even bought it!).  Details.

My plan was to experiment spray painting metal (no sanding) and spray painting the fabric lampshade (can you even do that?).
After letting them each dry for 24 hours, I performed a little check.  The base looked GREAT.  The lampshade however....looked like CRAP.  {Now if I were intending to enter this little lamp into a "Crap I've Made" contest - I'm pretty sure he might win}.  But since my intent was for it to shine a little light in Brecken's room, I decided crap wasn't the exact route I wanted to go.

Enter new lampshade. (Patience, a picture will come).

Step 2:  Personalize lampshade.
I love vinyl with a capital L, but don't have any of those fancy machines readily accessible.  I decided the next best thing would be a black paint pen.  That'd do the trick.

I opened up a blank Word document, found some fonts that I liked, typed in "No. 1" because well, duh, Brecken is my first-born.  Number One.  It's fitting right?

Anyway, using a simple transfer process, I found that literally I can now make ANYTHING a stencil.  No exacto-knife, fancy-pants machine required.  Pencil and paper.


Step 3:  Transfer Image onto Lampshade
After you've got your initial image.  Flip it over and scribble around the outline of your print out like above.

Then, flip it right side over (so scribbles are facing down) onto the surface that you are transferring the image to.  In my case, the lampshade.

Outline the edge of your image (remember, scribbles are facing down) and wa-la, the image will ever-so-lightly appear on the desired surface.
Can you see it?
Step 4:  Fill it in.
I originally started with the paint pen, but thankfully realized before any damage was caused, that duh, it will bleed on fabric.  

I happened to have some Black acryllic paint on-hand, along with a random makeshift paintbrush - a letter opener.  I needed something with a flat, sharp edge to fill in the tiny details of the "No."  Worked brilliantly!
All that's left is to put him in his new home - Brecken's room.
The switchout of the lampshade only put me back $4.99 from Target, and I just LOVE the candy apple red base.  The PERFECT little addition to his room.
Not too bad for a formerly unused lamp.
What else should I stencil?  
Letters, numbers, and words might be all over my house shortly.

Leave me any links to your projects where you've used a letter, number or word.  
I love seeing more inspiration! 
*If you stop by, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I really loved this! I needed some idea to do to my thrifty lamp and thanks to you i know what to do!!! Thank you!

    Come share this at my crafty mondays linky party!!!

    I also have a $15 giveaway going on too!

  2. Okay, that transfer process is freaking brilliant! That's how you can do your walls!! Really cute, and I love the No. 1 - perfect for my little bug. Love you!

  3. Oh WOW what a transformation! I love the red. You did an awesome job. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all.

    Enjoy your day,

  4. cute - I love the stencil transfer idea - GREAT.... I would have never thought of that before. I really like how this turned out! Stopping by from dittledattle :)

  5. I love that lamp!

    I made a shadow box for the wall in our living room...

  6. So what you said is you are going to do my son's room right?! Love it seriously!!

  7. Thank you ladies and yes, Alicia, I would LOVE to!

  8. Love that red. Great stenciling tip too...{I forgot that from when I was teaching art!}

    Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday!


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