Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finding Contentment

I read this post on {in}courage today and thought it was so perfectly written, and convicting, that I thought you might enjoy it too.  As a reminder.  And as encouragement.

Finding Contentment

Living room:
Painter’s drop cloths unite my mismatched furniture.
Inexpensive seagrass rug covers wall to wall carpet.
Do you ever feel frustrated because your home doesn’t feel “put together?” Are you living with hand me downs or old furniture and struggle with discontentment? Do you gaze longingly at other people’s updated homes and feel that green eyed monster of jealously start to well up inside?
Here is how I see things.
  • Your house doesn’t have to be magazine perfect.
  • Your style doesn’t have to be the most current.
  • Your furniture doesn’t have to be new, expensive or ridiculously adorable.
  • You can have a mixture of furniture styles and hand me downs.
  • You can spend your money on things that matter more than the latest trend in home decor.
And you can still enjoy the process of creating a warm, welcoming home! You CAN find contentment right where you are, even with what you already have.
Unifying random accessories with paint eliminates
chaotic feeling of “nothing goes together”
The secret to finding contentment is not as difficult as we might think.
Yes, we do sometimes just need to get our priorities in check and stop obsessing over what other people have that we don’t.
Yes, we need to be more grateful for what we already have instead of spending our days longing for something new, or  justifying buying things outside of our budget.
But beyond just accepting and being grateful for what we have, HOW can we truly find CONTENTMENT and even happiness with what we have?
We have to be looking for the right thing.
I love making my home beautiful. It is a God-given passion for me to create beauty.

By Melissa, The Inspired Room
For the entire article, click here.

Do you struggle with perfectionism?


  1. Ash -- This is so true as it's easy to feel the need to "fix" what we have, instead of be content for the time being! We can always add more and more later, right?! :)

  2. I love your blog.. Im a new follower now!

    Come check out my blog sometime


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