Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting to Play

Does your family room ever look like this?
The toys have invaded.  

How is it that everything slowly has crept into our family room and made itself at home?  Oh, because this is the space we actually LIVE IN.

Don't worry, there's hope.

Right next to our family room, we have an office.

This space for the most part is just decoration.  Lame-o. 

With a growing family (and family toys), {it's just not feasible anymore to have such an impractical space just right in the heart of where we live everyday}.

We've devised a plan to transform this room into a functional, sophisticated, and {super} fun playroom.
My husband has rubbed off on me: GRAPH PAPER?!

I'm pretty excited, and of course I needed some more inspiration to get our rendering further in place.

I love the cork board/chalkboard combo in this one.  And the pennant flags - definitely making the cut.

Big frames - LOVE.
Stripes and monograms - two fav things right now.
Neutral palette with pops of color.  After all this is a PLAYroom.
Storage, and more storage is a must.
Imagine labeled galvanized tubs.  So cute.
Still haven't fully decided on the exact color scheme, but re-painting (this really excites Blake...or not), adding a chair-rail and assembling it all together is still on the horizon.

Operation playroom commence!


  1. Yes, everyone (who has kids) needs a playroom. Just put all the ish (aka toys) in one cute room and let them go at it!

  2. I love a play room but have found that the kids want to be wherever I am, which is usually the kitchen, so the toys still tend to migrate. Just a warning :-)
    This is so cute and I saw some cute rugs at Target for the $50-100 range.


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