Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunshine Love

Not much time to spend on the computer today when the big bright yellow ball (some call it the sun) is calling my name outside, but this was just too cute not to share with you.

A fun Valentine's Day printable that can be personalized for you and your hubby - that's free!

Check out:

I did it from my phone/loungechair and this is what popped up in my inbox less than 30 seconds later
So cute right?!

I've always wanted to carve my name in a tree of love somewhere, and now I can cross that off my bucket list.
 Bucket List:
1.  Marry a hot guy
2.  Carve our names in a tree of love

I can't wait to print it on some linen-esque paper, throw it in a quick frame I've got laying around at home, and wa-la, a simple little something to personalize your Valentine's Day decor.


  1. thanks for sharing about the Kissing Tree!! This is too cute and easy! and better yet... FREE!!! :)

    :) Katie!

  2. @the sweet paper house oh good - that's why I wanted to share it! SUPER cute!

  3. That's 'voila', not wa-la.

    And is your bucket list really headed with "marry a hot guy"?

    I guess everyone has their own priorities...


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