Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Valentine

Brecken's Valentines are a many.  Literally.  This kid has {as the rappers say} hoes in different area codes.   {Am I allowed to say that on here?  It's my blog, so yep!}.

So naturally he told me that making a little something to let each of his girls know he loves them for his first Valentine's Day was a must.

I've seen some adorable printables around blogland, and thought {with a little inspiration from Fireflies & Jellybeans}, we can whip up a little something for the women in Brecken's life.

Using my fav program, Picnik, we transformed this picture:
To this homemade Valentine:
Quick Picnik instructions: Upload picture, adjust Color and Saturation to get desired "vintage" black and white look
This kid kills me.  So cute right?

I then printed them on kraft paper (I suppose you could use paper grocery bags too).  NOTE: in order to feed them through my printer, I needed to cut the kraft paper to an 8.5x11 size AND adhere to a piece of cardstock).
I used that roller adhesive for the kraft paper and cardstock.

I'm pretty excited with how these adorable vintage-looking cards turned out.  So simple, and FREE.

I gave a quick little trim to the edges (rounded corners) and now...

this little man is ready to spread his Valentine's love.

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  1. You sure out did yourself here, Ashley. Seriously, LOVE them!

  2. What a little Stud Muffin! I think I might have to try something similar with my daughter to send to the grandparents! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Just simply beautiful.. You are very creative. I am very pleased to have stumbled upon your blog. ♥ I will defintally be back!

  4. @Brooke
    Grandparents LOVE these sort of things - good idea!


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