Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visual Learner

I'm a visual learner.  Hence why I had to draw up a rendering for the playroom re-do.

This still wasn't good enough for me though because I didn't know the color scheme that I really wanted.  I needed to figure out a way to experiment with different colors.  Without painting it on my wall, only to hate it {as I have done several times now}.

I've been obsessed with grays lately, but maybe it's time I departed a little bit.  Not EVERY room in my house needs to be tempting as that is.

So I opened up our PowerPoint program for the first time ever, fiddled around for awhile and came up with some REALLY rough sketches as a visual aid.

There aren't ANY decorations in these sketches so just keep that in mind when you're looking.  I know it looks plain.

First Wall:
  • 3/4 high chair rail
  • Mondo-sized chunky framed cork board, chalk board and mirror.  Something for everyone.  
  • *I thought it'd be cute to also hang little mini galvanized tins on either side of the boards to hold like the chalk, push pins, etc.  Just a thought.

Second Wall:
  • Low shelving with lots of canvas baskets.  Easily accessible for Brecken, and simple clean-up.  #throwthecrapin
  • Pennant flags.  I love this trend and have been wanting to incorporate it in the house somehow.
  • The elusive basketball hoop.  Blake made sure we REGISTERED for this, even though I informed him Brecken would not be using it for at least a year or two.  Alas, it will make it's way into the living space.
Oh you caught that little bit of gray huh?  I need it.

Third Wall:
  • Some blue curtains.  The window dominates this wall, so this will add something decoratively pleasing to the eye.
  • Vinyl.  Love.

This of course doesn't NEARLY cover any of the small details, or other furniture/stuff that will fill the center of the room.

I'm in the market for:
  • a large rug (that way the munchkin doesn't stain the carpet with his -eventual- projects), 
  • a table and chair set for him, 
  • one of those personalized little lounge chair things {thing Pottery Barn}, 
  • a treasure chest to store other random crap that we collect, 
  • and I'm sure more.

By no means am I {even close} to a professional interior designer, but this PowerPoint rendering helps the visual learner and is fairly idiot proof as long as you know how to use shapes.

Since waking up this morning to {almost} 3 inches of snow, my creative juices have been flowing prepping for this playroom.  And what do you know, I've gone back to grey.
I sort of figure, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  And I LOVE grey - I already know that.  So I'm stickin with it.

Good thing I could just "change" with the click of a mouse before I did any work and realized I hated it.  Ahh...the bliss of PowerPoint.

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  1. Ashley, I was in Bed Bath and Beyond today and I saw all of these wonderfully colored plastic tubs. They were right in the front of the store. They would be perfect for your play room. Only $4.99 each. They were made of what seemed like a very hard durable plastic. You should check them out. I thought of you the minute I saw them. Good luck!


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