Friday, March 18, 2011

Craft Room Progress

For current Playroom Progress, click here and here so you can catch up!

This is the {atrocious} before of my soon-to-be craft room.
Whoh whoh.

First thing was first.  Get some color on those walls!
Behr Rhino (710E-3)
I was told {and it looks like it online} that it was a good grey.  Shocker I know.  Well, much to my surprise, it is NOT a grey in real life at all.  It's this beautiful greenish-blue-grey and I LOVE it.
Can you see the pretty color from this picture?
The other day I spoke of my love of all things free.  Well, let me introduce you to the cutest little card stand in all of America that was F.R.E.E.

Yep, while at our friends destination wedding in Leavenworth, my sister and I spotted this guy in an alleyway in the GARBAGE pileA perfectly good and working card stand! 

I drove my car around as fast as I could, and threw that bad boy in the trunk.  I felt a slight adrenaline rush taking something from the "trash"...yes, I know that I'm a rebel.

I knew that with a quick coat of silver spray paint, it'd be the perfect home to the card business.

Seriously, go to my Etsy store and BUY A CARD.  It's FREE shipping right now.  I promise, you will be the talk of the town at the next shower or party you go to and give the hostess one of these cards.  Ah-mazing {not bias}.

Now that the bare bones to the room are complete, I'm ready to tackle my first furniture re-do to add some organization to this room, and am SO excited.

This cupboard and hutch will be transformed.
 Picked it up at the thrift store for only $60!

I'll need a place to craft and sit of course.
This desk and chair will be getting a complete makeover.  Picked them up for $32 for both!

Anxious to keep going and get the room fully organized and beautified.


  1. Very excited to watch this transformation. Maybe you should move to AZ. Dumpster diving is VERY popular here.

  2. Wow, looks great! Can't wait to see it finsihed!


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