Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scratch That

I feel like a chicken with my head cut off lately. 

Between trying to finish my 3 rooms "under construction", covering for a friend's maternity leave, planning Brecken's 1st Birthday party, and oh yeah...actually taking care of this little guy - I AM BUSY{I know, I know - WHO ISN'T RIGHT?}

Unfortunately blogging has been the thing that had to give.  Don't worry though - it's just a temporary sabatacle.

For the party planning, I had this big great vision of a really cute Hole In One type theme - some argyle, some golf balls, some was going to be great. 

I had even hired a professional designer to really set the tone for the party with custom invites, thank you cards, party toppers, food cards, etc.  Well that got (price-wise) a little more out-of-hand than I wanted.  I even did a little photoshoot to get things started.
NOTE: A photoshoot with a 10 month old, by yourself, is a pretty stupid idea.

I was able to get the munchkin to crack one smile.
Kills me.
{Anyway, I basically realized that I just can't do it all}.
Brecken will be celebrated.  But I don't have to have the big production when it just doesn't fit in with our priorities right now.  And I'm okay with that. 

I'll still update you though with fun party details.  Non big production doesn't mean it's not going to be cute

And if you know my little boy, you know that if anything else, he's got style. 


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