Friday, March 11, 2011

Sign Me Up

I love free.  Maybe it's the fact that I married {an amazing} finance guy.  Maybe it's the fact that I no longer bring in a formal income to this family.  Or maybe it's the fact that I just simply love that four letter word.

My friend Carly just was announced as a winner at Thrifty Decor Chick.  Cha-ching!  It probably took her all of 4.2 seconds to submit a comment, and now she's the proud owner of a FREE $50 giftcard.

That's my style.

I enter a lot of things.

It's one of those quirks of mine that most people think is weird.

Until I get picked. 

Many will remember my stint with Wheel of Fortune.  Afterward, I was asked: HOW did you get on??  And I said, gosh you know, I just APPLIED.  Yep, online.  For free.  Took me 10.4 seconds.  And then Vanna and Pat called.  A few days later, my pockets were bulging with an extra $7,200.  Apply for yourself here.

Duh, I'll do that again.

*For the record, I don't buy lotto tickets.  But I sort of think I should. :)

My latest application: tickets to the Ellen Show.  She NEVER has tickets available.  And I almost peed my pants when I saw the other day she did.  It's definitely a bucket list.  Took me 2 seconds to apply.  Tickets are free.  Dear Ellen Show People, please accept my application.

Speaking of free.  We are currently offering Free Shipping on purchases at Cards by Paper Therapy.
Use coupon code FREESHIP.

If you, like me, enjoy free, here are some other fun giveaways going on right now in blogland.

Oh La La. Want it?  Click here.

Want one?  Click here

All this stuff.  Free.

And all this.  F.R.E.E.

PS Should I do a giveaway?  Do you want something free too?  What would you want to win?


  1. Um, thanks for letting me know I won!! It was news to me. I'm always signing up for giveaways too and, like just happened, you never know when it'll pay off.

    I would of course support a giveaway. One of my favorite thing you've done is the monogrammed plaque. I tried to copy you but then got to Michaels, got cold feet and instead bought a wooden "S" that I spray painted black, hung outside our front door and called it good :-)

  2. This has nothing to do with this post...although I love free things as well and totally think you should do a giveaway... but I just gave you a blog award on my blog (check it out!) and rule #4 is that I have to tell you that I gave it to you.

  3. I love free! Just tried to win a monogram themed giveaway, and to enter you had to leave a comment with your initials. Mine was deleted because it was deemed my initials are threatening... Unfortunate.

    Yes, you should totally have a giveaway.


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