Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11 Months

How is he already 11 months?

How has he managed to completely steal my heart?

He seriously just sits there, and I fall in love more and more.
Hi Mom
Okay maybe he doesn't really SIT at all.  More like crawl around like a maniac.

Or show his true colors, least when you expect it:  ALL BOY.

And this is where I found him this morning:

11 Months where have you gone?

Excited to celebrate one year though.  Love you Bub.


  1. Oh MY GOSH!! I am sitting here laughing and crying all at the same time!! Dad's sleeping and I'm pretty sure I'm laughing so loud that I'll wake him up. I miss him so much . . . and, of course, you guys, too. But seriously, how can you NOT love that little man? He is amazing! Can't wait to snuggle with him very, very soon!!


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