Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Did anyone know it's spring?!  
I feel like I've been hibernating for the last couple of months, and woke up yesterday with a new spring in my step {No pun intended}.

First thing was first:  Winter mantle had to go. 
To see how I created this, and used it, click here.

Next step:  bring some freshness back into this home!

That meant we needed a little bit of color (not too much, because we all know how much color scares me).
These were truly simple updates that I did in one naptime.

Following the godfather Nate Berkus' advice, I simply shopped my home.

This vase formerly resided in my dining room, and was an ugly goldenrod color.
Not no mo'!  
Using some Krylon spray paint, Aqua - Mr. Vase got new life as the centerpiece for the mantle.

We also finally mounted my most favorite (okay, ONE of my most favorite) pieces.
Seriously, if you've never ordered a picture canvas from CanvasPeople, go to their website right now and begin the process.

Or at least sign up for their emails - they send out GREAT discounts and deals almost daily.  

This is their 11x14 size, mounted in a re-purposed thrift store frame and I got SO many compliments on it.  LOVE.

Then I felt I needed to spring-a-fy my front door.  I've seen SO many cute wreaths, and have never jumped on the wreath bandwagon.
My Third True Love

A Turtle's Life For Me
The Lont Family Blog

Welcome to the Dean Life

But as I shed my winter skin this week, I just had to jump on.
It's simple and not TOO fabulous, but simple is sort of my style.

I transformed my incomplete book page wreath (did anyone ever tell you HOW LONG those take to make....yeah, lost my attention at layer 50, realizing I wasn't even halfway done!)

So with some blue hydrangea-look-a-likes from Joanns (coupon of course), a little nest and some self-glittered eggs - a new accessory for my front door was born.
If you look closely, you can see they are only glittered on the top.  That's a result of naptime ending and needing to rush.  Don't judge.
I'm feeling good about the "freshness" around the home now.  I even took a risk, after this fretful incident, and deep-cleaned all of my bathrooms.

What have you done to spring-a-fy your home?  Do you regularly change things out by season??
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  1. I love it! I haven't done anything springy! I need to because the weather is warm and it is time for it! great inspirations!

  2. Oh man. Maybe I could contract you to my home.


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