Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brecken's Birthday: The Invite

We all know that the first step to throwing a great party is to have a great invite. (am I right or am I right?)

After chucking all my original party plans out the window (click here to read original party idea & photoshoot), I jumped for joy when I came across my saving grace on Etsy.

This gal has THE cutest card designs (and about a billion of them) all for SUPER reasonably priced and the ability to customize them.

Brecken's Invite!
Isn't it so cute?

If you can't tell from the invite, his new theme is popped-collar, lacoste-esque prepster.  I LOVE IT.

After ordering my invites through Mommies Ink (click here to see her full collection), I think it was only 24 hours before I had the final design in my inbox ready to be printed.

And the best part: $12!

I then uploaded them to to have them printed in a 4x6 matte postcard format, and including envelopes, it only cost me another $8.

So $20 for custom party invites!

I've browsed through Mommies Ink collection on Etsy about a billion times because it inspires me to throw some fun parties.  Check these out:

Cute shower invite!
I want a little girl just for this invite. :)

Casual summer BBQ?  Or Cinco de Mayo?  LOVE.
Have I showed you enough yet?

Seriously, go check out Mommies Ink on Etsy.

Throw a party, if not for anything but a cute invite!

Happy Wednesday - I've got lots more party prep today!  I'm excited to keep sharing the details with you!

1 comment:

  1. Great job Ashley - Adorable invitation!
    Guess I'm not hip enough to know what "popped collar" is....would you elaborate??
    Auntie Sylvia


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