Monday, May 2, 2011

Crystal-ed Hutch

{This is a HUGE week in the One in the SAHM household}

Quick rundown of the next 7 days:

1.  Celebrating the hubs and I's 5 year anniversary.  It's sort of our "golden" anniversary too, because it's 5 years on the 5th!

2.  Brecken's 1st birthday.  SO excited for the big party, and REALLY excited to share all of the decor and party details with you.  I've been working so hard on them!

3.  Mother's Day!  Yay for me!  (Well, and my mom). :)

4.  The White Sox are in town.  One of our really good friends plays for the White Sox, and they are in town playing the Mariners this week.  We can't wait to see Brent tear up the ESPN highlights again!
Brent with Brecken LAST summer when they played the Mariners.

In preparation though of hosting Brecken's birthday this weekend, we've been scrambling to get all of those outstanding room re-do's and projects completed.

The craft room is REALLY coming together and I couldn't be more pleased.

Enter my very first furniture upgrade/re-do.
Crappy before picture from my phone.
1.  Picked this beauty up at the local thrift store for a whopping $60.  It was in PERFECT condition.

2.  I then took my first swing at using an electric sander.  Wow.  That was quite the undertaking.

Thankfully the hutch came in two pieces, which made for a much easier time in the sanding department.

I knew all along that I wanted to paint this guy, rather than stain. 
I had my eye on the color (as inspired by Jones Design Company's nursery) Sherwin Williams, Rushing River.
When I went to the store, and looked the color in person, I was extremely hesistant.  It LOOKED much more brown/green than I had wanted.  But they have a great deal, and offer a quarter of a quart as a "sample" for only $6.  So that's what I did and was just trusting Emily that it was a great color (and the promised grey-green-blue sludge).


Two coats of this stuff and I was in love.

I picked up the top drawer pulls from Cost Plus World Market for $4.99 each. 

Even though that seemed fairly steep (because I had to buy 4 of them) relative to the price of the entire hutch, I knew that they would be the PERFECT addition and finishing touch to the hutch.

The bottom cupboard hardware is actually original - so I was able to save money there, and was actually pleased with the matching simplicity that the original pulls offered to the final look.

I seriously love the way it looks in the room.

If you can remember, for the wall color, I chose Behr Rhino.

You can sort of see it in the background in this picture.

Again, here is the before and after of my "new" Crystal-ed Hutch:

Now I have so much storage for all of my crap craft stuff!

For more of the craft room progress thus far, catch up here.

I'll be ready for a final reveal oh-so soon!  Happy Monday!

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  1. that's really beautiful! Congrats on 5 years and happy B day to the little one!

  2. This turned out beautiful! I am undertaking my first china cabinet this week. Thanks for. Sharing!!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog. You did an absolutely fantastic job! I have a curio cabinet I am looking to do over this summer. Not looking forward to the prep. work, though. I'm a new blogger. I would love to have you stop over and check out my blog if you get the chance sometime. It's definitely a work in progress.

  4. Amazing the power of paint..this looks great. I am having a chalk paint giveaway going on now, come check it out. Also, I host a newbie party every Monday and would love to have you join sometime.

  5. Your cabinet is great! I love the sparkly knobs!!

  6. it is beautiful!!! and i loove that color- gorgeous!

  7. I found your post through POWW and wanted to let you know how much I love that china cabinet! You did such a great job on your first project. I am getting ready to take on my first buffet, so I only hope it turns out half as cute as yours! Congrats!!

  8. You did such a GREAT job on this!! Love the color and the knobs! We have a World Market by us but I haven't even been in there . . . looks like it's something I need to check out! Thanks for posting!

  9. Wow, your hutch looks wonderful. Love the paint job you applied. I have a tiny cousin to your hutch in my breakfast room but I've not painted it yet! You're making me change my mind.
    Be a sweetie,


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