Wednesday, May 18, 2011

White Jeans: Part 2

I was feeling brave last week, wanting to expand my horizons from the normal jeans and flip flops scrubby-mom-look, to incorporate the (supposed) spring/summer must have: white jeans.

Where do you find said 'trendiness'?

I tried Gap, Forever 21, The Loft, Old Navy. But nothing seemed to suit my fancy.  Or my budget.

Just when I was feeling discouraged, my try-to-avoid-but-just-can't-resist store, Nordstrom, came to my rescue.

Next problemo: what do you wear with such a frock?

Here's my attempt at figuring out style:

Eh, a little too Americana for me.

Nah, just not feeling it.
Good colors, but shirt was sort of baggy (it was technically a shirt from my maternity days).
Let's go back to that navy blue shirt. I love navy.

Brown belt. Much better than the red for this outfit.

Need color.

Ah yes, my newly arrived Whippycake purchase.

Gosh, I love these headbands.  It may or may not be an addiction.  A cute one though.

Pants:  Nordstrom
Shirt:  Zara (like 3 seasons ago)
Sandals:  Nordstrom Rack
Belt:  Diesel sample sale ages ago
Head Decor:  Whippycake

So there you have it.  White jeans in action.  Branching out.  Dare I say, stylish?

{Did I pass?  Just lie to me even if you think I didn't} 

And just for good measure, Brecken wanted to show us what he was wearing today too.
My little man.
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  1. The white jeans are HOT. And I'm not lying. I'm not against the red belt either.

  2. Cute!! I love the red belt too...maybe just not with the navy...unless it's the 4th of July! =) Love you.

  3. Arg you kill me. Of course they look amazing on you.

    btw, our little L-E dressed up twinsies with Brecken for Easter. That tie is killing me.


  4. Just a little inspired me with your first post to go out and get white jeans....I haven't yet, but I will be doing that THIS summer!!! Skinny jeans!!! SO EXCITED!!
    THANK YOU for your inspiration! And you look great!!

  5. @Kendra
    I like the red belt too...just not with blue for now. I feel like I just need an American flag bandana with that outfit and it would be complete.

  6. You are freakin' skinny - go you!


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