Sunday, June 5, 2011

Airplanes, Friends, & a Tan

That's been the theme of our last 7 days.

Airplanes, Friends & a Tan

To celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, we headed out to a friend's beach cabin.

This just might have to go in a frame.
The good-looking one on the far right - he's taken. :)

We then traded in our North Face fleece beach attire, for true beach attire.

5 days in Boca Raton, Florida.

On the company's dime, we stayed at one of the premier resorts in Florida.  It. Was. Breathtaking.
The Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club
Our suite looked out onto the ocean everyday. 
We slept with the slider open just to hear the waves crash.

It felt really nice, yet overwhelming, all at the same to be so spoiled for so many days.

I am so proud of my husband and the job that he does, that it was well-deserved on his part and I was just lucky to be along for the ride. :)

Although Florida is beautiful, and the 80 degree water makes me semi-re-think hating salt water, I'm not sure we'll be back anytime soon.  A full day of flying, with multiple airplanes just drains you.

Thank you Florida though for your hospitality.  It was much appreciated.

And just to ease your suspense, I chose to read Emily Giffin's Something Blue.

Perfect sunshine book.


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