Monday, July 18, 2011

Annual Vacation - Car Camping

I love to camp.  Do you believe me?  

What about if I told you that camping meals regularly looked like this?

Yep.  Every year, an ever-growing group of amazing friends pack up our cars, unplug from the world and spend a week in Eastern Washington, camping on the river.  

BBQ.  Campfires.  S'mores.  Sunshine.  And catching up with old friends.  We look forward to this week every year....all year long.

Last year, Brecken was just a wee-little-one.  And we brought him anyway.  Yep, camping with a 3 month old.  Brilliant.

This year, camping with a toddler.  Even better idea. (insert sarcasm).   

After actually sending Brecken home, both of us getting sick, dodging a couple days of rain, and then ultimately bringing Brecken back - we had a great week.

Blake wearing a hood to ward off his fever chills.  Awesome.
My little boater.  Seriously.  Love him.
Family photo on the river.
They win the award for farthest distance traveled - the infamous Arizona Russums.
Safety first. 
They say it takes a village.  Here is part of our village.
Homeboy gets ants in his pants on the boat.
Sweet Baby Jersie.
Love my boys.  Blake.  Brecken.  Dempsey.
We look forward to creating these memories with our family, and this group of friends, every year.  We feel blessed to have such a fun annual tradition for our families to grow up with.

Do you have an annual vacation?  Is it with family or friends?  Or are your friends your family?


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