Monday, July 25, 2011

Living Backwards

Living backwards.  Not literally.  But living with the end in sight.  It's something that I struggle with on a daily basis.

It's something that society completely neglects.  We want now.  Immediate gratification.  That's how we're taught.

This week, a young girl from our church painted a picture to me, and to the community, of how to live your life backwards.

Rachel tragically died at just 9 years old on Saturday but her legacy, ALREADY, is insane.  

Her dream was to impact lives.  Giving up her birthday so that 15 strangers could have clean water.

You might remember last year for our birthdays, Blake and I asked friends and family to help us build a well in Africa so that others could have clean drinking water.  Well Rachel wanted this too.  She figured $300 would impact 15 people and it'd be awesome.

Rachel fell short of her birthday wish when she launched her campaign this last June, only raising $220.  But she vowed that next year for her 10th birthday, she'd go big or go home.

Well that's what happened.  She has gone home.  And her campaign has gone big.  Like huge.  Really, really big.

I literally click refresh on her campaign every hour and just sit there in shock at the rising total.

What an impact she is having.

I also think about why this story has gone viral.  Celebrities, professional athletes, national news anchors have all jumped on board to bring hope and life amongst tragedy in honor of Rachel's wish.

At our core, we all want to have an impact.  We all desperately need hope in the midst of hurt.  It's how God made us.

But how?

By doing as Rachel has done.  Living backwards.
Just this week, a village who had NEVER had clean water received it for the first time.

We promised we'd be back. from charity: water on Vimeo.

Rachel is now responsible for bringing clean water to almost 25 villages just like this.  

Imagine if 25 of your nearby towns didn't have clean water.  It would change everything for them to have clean water.
Rachel's big dream was to help 15 people.  That has now turned into almost 6,000 people.  Over $115,000 from $220.  And rising.

This girl's impact and ripple is beyond comprehension.  She lived backwards.  Offered up what she had, and now watches from heaven as the amount of life change she has caused is only something of God-sized measure.

Again, I am reminded that water changes everything.

She inspires me.  To live more selflessly.  To be generous beyond comfort.  To focus on how my life can have a ripple effect on others.  To have faith like a child.  To think of how I want to be remembered.  

Rachel gave me perspective.  And for that, I am grateful.

If you want to give to Rachel's campaign, visit here.

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  1. awe this post gave me chills. that's such a wonderful story. i love it. completely inspired ~


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