Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo Editing: Presets

One of our best investments in the last two years has been a good DSLR camera.  And although we're still learning how to use this bad boy to it's fullest potential, I just LOVE the picture results that we've been able to capture.

I'll let you in on a little secret though: presets, presets, presets.  I've mentioned before that Adobe Lightroom is my go-to editing software (a friend downloaded it on my computer for free - find one of those friends!).

I recently came across some BEAUTIFUL presets from Pretty Presets.

She offers some awesome filters to edit your photos, that you can purchase in large groups for only $25.

I purchased the Fall In Love Collection...
How cute is this picture?

...and took my pictures from this:
Silly Saxyn
To this:
Cropped w/ Blueberries preset

Or from this:

To this:

If you have a photo editing software, I highly recommend checking out Pretty Presets because it truly takes your photos to the next level.

I always need cute pictures for all of my fun thrift store frames I find.  (Does anyone else have a bagillion empty frames around their house?  Just me?)

A DSLR, Lightroom, and presets are all a slight investment I realize, {but truly capturing these fleeting moments of our family is priceless.  At least in this house it is}. 

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Ashley,

    Based on your recommendation from a few months ago...I found one of "those" friends, and was able to get a free copy of Adobe Lightroom. I love the effects that you can put on each of the pictures - although sometimes the choices are overwhelming!

    There is a program that is free called Picnik. Have you tried it? You can use it with Google's Picasso software and it's completely free, although I think you can upgrade and pay a fee to have more effects available to put on each photo.

    It's pretty cool - I use it occasionally when I don't have time to go through everything on Lightroom.

    Great shots!


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