Friday, August 12, 2011

Home Tour - Carbonatto Casa

I haven't talked about our house being for sale much on here because it's mostly been a pipe-dream, and annoyance (keeping it clean all the time), for the past 269 days.  Yep, our house has been on the market for a cumulative of 269 days(Can I get a sympathy jaw-dropper there)

I have a Tazmanian devil toddler who does his darndest to ensure that the house is at it's messiest when an agent calls for a showing.

But we might have had our last showing. 

I hate to break the news early, or jinx it, but we hopefully will have a sale pending shortly.  Someone wants our house!!

So I thought today in celebration of this monumental event, that I would show you the house that so many people have been turning down for the past 269 days....until now (fingers crossed)!

*Note: I took none of these pictures - they are straight from our MLS listing**

When we saw her in 2008...we just couldn't resist!
Entry way.  Huge vaulted ceilings.  Love(d).
Builder grade kitchen.  Totes functional.  Just so....brown.
Looking into the Family Room.
I've never been fully satisfied with the feel of this room.  But it worked!
Formal dining room.  Many-a-meal has been shared with loved ones here.

Looking at the entryway from upstairs.
Master bedroom.  Never quite finished decorating this room either.
Our bathroom.  Which I've always loved.  Massive space.  And do you see that bench in the shower?  My absolute FAV!
Playroom.  Never quite finished decorating this one either.  It's this clean all the time.  I promise.
Hotel de Carbonatto.  Finished this room the first month we moved in...and never looked back.  What a great strategy!
Bonus room converted to office.  So happy for it to have a function.  It's been completely empty up until about 3 months ago.
Brecken's bathroom.  Never finished this room either.
And one of the main reasons this house has been on the market for 269 days....
Our "backyard" - enough room for a bar, BBQ, and table.  Seriously people, we live in Seattle - what more do you need?
And you can see my glorious Mother's Day gift behind the bar over there - our hot tub.
They neglected to photograph the craft room, mainly because it's usually always in a complete state of disaster...but I never fully finished that room either.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with this house.  It's beautiful.  And we are grateful to have been in a position to host birthday parties, football viewings, baby showers, Christmases, and Thanksgivings and be the home that everyone knew they were always welcomed.   

It's just not "us" anymore (we didn't even know what that really meant when we bought it...or moved in).

Here's to praying that this buyer really comes through on all the remaining hoops they need to jump through and that we can close in September!


  1. I've seen your house in person, and it really is stunning!!! Crossing my fingers it goes through ...

  2. Praying and crossing my fingers! I've always thought 269 was a lucky number. ;)


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