Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kitchen Backsplash

Who knew that building your own house would come with SO many choices?!  Thank the Lord for Pinterest because although it is a good problem to have, choosing EVERY element of our soon-to-be house is intense.  Mainly because there is no one else to blame if it turns out weird. 

The builder didn't choose it - we did!  EEK!!!

My latest struggle comes in the form of the kitchen backsplash. 

Quick picture of some of our current chosen kitchen elements:

White cabinets

Granite - still technically need to narrow that down too but it will be in the lighter family.

Or maybe I go with a darker granite?

Satin nickel hardware throughout cabinetry.

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

So for the backsplash, do I go typical tile...

Source: giostone.com via Fern on Pinterest

Or do I lurch forward into the world of subway tile...

Source: None via Jen on Pinterest

Source: None via Jen on Pinterest

Source: None via Jen on Pinterest

Do I get bold and choose a color, or stick with all white?

Source: bhg.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

So I need your help: if you were creating a white cabinet dream kitchen, what would your granite/backsplash look like??  Feel free to leave a Pinterest link of a picture - I really am a visual learner!

PS - here's a (phone) picture I snapped yesterday of the progress!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Stencils

This is a fun website called Pumpkin Pile that has tons of free pumpkin carving stencils.  Check them out!

*Thanks Six Sisters' Stuff for the introduction. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brecken: 17 Month Maniac

We took our first Pumpkin Patch trip of the year this weekend for one of Brecken's best friend's 2nd birthday parties, and were able to get some good shots of B at 17 months.
Still learning what "coloring" means.  The crayons mostly still go in the mouth.
My two main men.  LOVE.
He was SO interested in touching all of the pumpkins.  Probably because they had dirt on them. 
Some days I just can't believe he's mine.

(The bandana was a party accessory PS).
Who loves being tan in October?  THIS KID!  Thank you Mexico.

Stunna shades.
Positioning himself to drive the tractor instead of his friend Kingston.

What a different trip this year from last year.
This kid keeps us on our toes from the minute he's awake until the minute he goes to bed (hence why bedtime is 6:30!).  It's so fun to see his little personality shine through, and see how teachable he has become.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Cohen's Nursery

Being that I'm not in my own house, these next several months will be a lot of vicarious living.

We start today by featuring a good friend of mine's most amazing new nursery to welcome her little boy Cohen.  I am slightly obsessed with this room that's definitely not in my house.

I snuck in an opportunity to photograph his room because it's too amazing to not share with the world.
View from the entrance.
Chalkboard ready to welcome him home!

Personal pictures amidst vintage letter cards.  LOVE.

The overall color scheme of the room is the perfect shade of grey as a backdrop to an eclectic mix of orange, navy blue, white and several other vintage elements.

There were several items that I would ask, "Where did you get this?" and her answer varied EVERY SINGLE TIME (which I love).

A vintage wood frame constructed by her grandfather filled with a print from an art boutique nearby.

Everything had personal touches.  Including a mason jar full of pictures of family and friends.

Baseball is a huge part of this family.  And will be for little Cohen as well.
A family picture to orient Cohen every time he gets changed.
Love these curtains.
The perfect shade of orange. 
 The changing pad sat atop Cohen's navy blue dresser from Land of Nod.  She personalized the standard look of the dresser by replacing the knobs with these Anthropology gems.

A vintage sweatshirt that was originally worn by C's dad.  So cute.

I adore his crib.

Periodic table of elements as a centerpiece above the crib.

There was tons of storage for this little man's room.

Custom-made wood train.  A little greenery.  Perf.
And then of course, I couldn't leave without sneaking in a few pictures of mom herself (who happens to literally be the cutest pregnant person you've ever seen).  For real.
Some adorable little Converse.
These originally belonged to C's Dad: his very first pair of Nikes.  And now Cohen's.

I seriously love this nursery.  

A condensed list of where everything came from is below:
Dresser:  Land of Nod
Crib: Kids N Cribs
Paint Color:  TBD
Curtains:  IKEA
Dresser Knobs:  Anthropology
Orange/Silver Totes:  Land of Nod

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