Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brecken: 17 Month Maniac

We took our first Pumpkin Patch trip of the year this weekend for one of Brecken's best friend's 2nd birthday parties, and were able to get some good shots of B at 17 months.
Still learning what "coloring" means.  The crayons mostly still go in the mouth.
My two main men.  LOVE.
He was SO interested in touching all of the pumpkins.  Probably because they had dirt on them. 
Some days I just can't believe he's mine.

(The bandana was a party accessory PS).
Who loves being tan in October?  THIS KID!  Thank you Mexico.

Stunna shades.
Positioning himself to drive the tractor instead of his friend Kingston.

What a different trip this year from last year.
This kid keeps us on our toes from the minute he's awake until the minute he goes to bed (hence why bedtime is 6:30!).  It's so fun to see his little personality shine through, and see how teachable he has become.


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