Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kitchen Backsplash

Who knew that building your own house would come with SO many choices?!  Thank the Lord for Pinterest because although it is a good problem to have, choosing EVERY element of our soon-to-be house is intense.  Mainly because there is no one else to blame if it turns out weird. 

The builder didn't choose it - we did!  EEK!!!

My latest struggle comes in the form of the kitchen backsplash. 

Quick picture of some of our current chosen kitchen elements:

White cabinets

Granite - still technically need to narrow that down too but it will be in the lighter family.

Or maybe I go with a darker granite?

Satin nickel hardware throughout cabinetry.

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

So for the backsplash, do I go typical tile...

Source: giostone.com via Fern on Pinterest

Or do I lurch forward into the world of subway tile...

Source: None via Jen on Pinterest

Source: None via Jen on Pinterest

Source: None via Jen on Pinterest

Do I get bold and choose a color, or stick with all white?

Source: bhg.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

So I need your help: if you were creating a white cabinet dream kitchen, what would your granite/backsplash look like??  Feel free to leave a Pinterest link of a picture - I really am a visual learner!

PS - here's a (phone) picture I snapped yesterday of the progress!


  1. the house is coming along so fast! well, you've seen my pinterest boards... i'm all about the subway tile. can't wait to see you in a week!

  2. I'm no designer (so take my two cents and throw it out the window if you want) though hubby worked in the building industry for nearly a decade and I used to spend hours browsing his company's showrooms oooing and aweing over all the granite and tile. I LOVE white cabinets. Hands down...great choice! I love light and bright, fresh and clean in a kitchen, but I also LOVE contrast when it comes to the granite (amber fantasy and black galaxy are some of my favs), so maybe you just need to decide if you want contrast and for your granite to stand out or want it to blend in more. SUBWAY TILE is so cool! And I do like a little color in my backsplash -- though what am I saying, I don't even have a tile backsplash! In my future dream kitchen I'll have color in my backsplash! Oooooh the choices! Overwhelming. :) Can't believe how fast your house got framed...it looks like a real house already! WOW! Happy happy joy joy!

  3. I love white cabinets, if my hubs had been into it, I would have gone that way in our kitchen. I love dark countertops, we have black galaxy, but ours is honed... it doesn't show fingerprints, the sun doesn't reflect off and show every speck of dust BUT with dark countertops, the crumbs do show. Here is a link to one of my favorite homes ever: http://www.roostblog.com/roost/our-new-nest.html

    They have marble counters/backsplash, which is tricky, as it can be a very pourous material... stains easily, etc. I do love the light on light, so crisp and clean.

    Knowing you, I can picture your house white cabinets, black countertops, and medium gray subway tile. It would be gorgeous.

  4. Ah!!! So much fun. We just redid our kitchen and it's pretty similar to yours. Stop by my blog for a before & after (www.theanniversaryhome.com) and you'll see what we ended up with. Off-white cabinets, lighter granite with specks of brown, black, tan and gray and white subway tile. I was nervous about the tile but it looks great. Classic but modern. You can't go wrong. Good luck!!

  5. Sheila Mohr MattinglyOctober 25, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    Love the looks of the backsplashes in Pics #2,5,6 & 7 -- all with dark countertops. Will you have under-cabinet lighting? And it looks like there's different shades of subway tile so it's not an all-white kitchen -- just a hint of color with the possibility of adding brighter splashes of color with the seasons and holidays.

  6. We just had our out-dated oak cabinets painted white and did the island a dark gray with some warm tones to it. We have dark countertops and the contrast is nice...probably depends on what color your flooring will be.
    You're going to love having a white kitchen. Of the examples you gave, I love the green glass subway tile. Subtle and gives it a little color and won't go out of style anytime soon. Have fun and let us know what you choose!

  7. Hi. I looove white kitchens. Here in Poland they are not so common. But I used to live in Dublin, IE and I fall in love in them. I have tiny kitchen. Lots of stuff I keep in storage room (those not so white doors-now are white). In our kitchen I chose big tiles-easier to clean-less this thin lines between which like to be dirty and catch all sticky stuff. Just have a look:



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