Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Barnyard Bash

A few weeks ago, one of Brecken's best friends, Brooklyn, celebrated her 2nd birthday.

It was such a great party and I took the time to document some of the fun party elements that Brooklyn's mama put together.

The tone was really set when we received the invite to Brooklyn's Barnyard Bash in the mail.

She used mommiesink (same as I did for Brecken's preppy 1st Birthday) as the preferred vendor to do the custom design, and then printed the invites thru Overnight Prints.

An offsite location (a local pumpkin patch/farm) was chosen which was BRILLIANT in my opinion - someone else to clean up and someone else's "house" to trash with 40 billion toddlers running around!

Welcome poster.
Party favors. 
Bandanas for all of the little cowboys and cowgirls in attendance.
There were of course several DIY elements to the party as well.
Using Krylon's new GlitterBlast spray paint, this craft store paper mache "B" was transformed to be the centerpiece for the food table.  The only feedback on using this super fun new spray paint is that:
  1. It's sort of pricey, so make sure you use a coupon and 
  2. You'll use a whole can on the amount of surface area for this "B".  So another reason to use those coupons.  :)

These are DIY Cake Balls too if you can believe it.  Brooklyn's got a talented grandma!
Snacks at a 2 year old's party can, and should, be kept simple.  They are toddlers.  And all the parents care about are making sure that chaos is controlled enough for the duration of the party.  Finger foods are JUST FINE.
What a fun Barnyard Bash!  I know that this little man sure had fun...


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