Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Under Construction

Husband, Brecken and I braved the first dusting of snow this last weekend and dropped by the new house.
Note:  this pic was taken prob 1.5 weeks ago.  There's been more progress since.

Can I just tell you how much fun it is to walk through YOUR house, under construction?

To see life being born to YOUR ideas.  

To envision the memories and joy we'll experience in our home.

I'm a visual learner, so I thought I'd introduce some spaces to you that you'll be getting to know REALLY well over the coming months.  That way you can share in the excitement of seeing this house go from lumber to a home too.

Siding is up and we have a door!  No steps to get up to the door, or a walkway to get there, but we have a door!

Immediately inside, you can head on up the stairs, or you can continue in to the house!

Before heading into the Great Room, you can stop off at the downstairs bathroom and/or THE BOYS' (eek!) future playroom.

Many of you might remember my first attempt at converting the downstairs office to a playroom at the OLD house (woh woh).  And although the decor never came to full completion, I can say that the function of having a playroom downstairs where Brecken could play while I could still see/hear him, and do my own thing, was AMAZING.  So although the builders' intended purpose for this room is a full guest suite, this family shall use it as a playroom.


Onto the Great Room.  And my, how this room will be great.
Just to orient yourself, we've walked into the house, past the stairs, playroom and bathroom, to the far window and done an about-face.

In planning for this house, the builder allowed us TONS of freedom in the "re-design" of his existing floor plan.  Our first order of business: eliminate all formal space!  It's a thing of the past.  Well, at least for this family.  :)

Now we've taken a few steps forward, and turned our bodies 25% to the left.  I'm standing at the kitchen island, staring at the fireplace in the family room.

Do you see it?  Do you love it??

And might I just direct your attention to all of that natural light!!  Our lot is southern facing, so we'll get max sun exposure in our backyard/living space all day.  And when you live in this dreary city, you soak up as much sun as you can get!

It also helps that I utilized some of the tricks capturing the best natural light from House of Smith's DSLR tutorial the other day.

I digress again.

The only other room to show off is our master.
Yes, you read that right: a bench in our shower!  Brilliant!  Shaving your legs never was so easy.  It was a luxury we had in our first house, that this spoiled brat girl could not give up.

So anyway, that's the abbreviated tour and the current state of the house.  We're told that next up is drywall, then cabinets, then finishings start going up/in.

Already completed:
Foundation poured
Framing up
Windows/doors installed
Plumbing & Electricity wired
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  1. looks beautiful!!! can't wait to see it in person someday!

  2. It looks wonderful! Sure looks and sounds like you and Blake put a lot of thought in designing your new home down to the littlest details. I'm sure you can hardly wait to be able to move in and truly make it your HOME.

  3. Wow, wow, wow! :) Just awesome. Love that shower bench - genious. Is your new place still up north-ish?

  4. Love! Yep...I read your blog and I loved it! Can't wait to see this thing finished:)


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