Monday, January 16, 2012


We'll see how long it takes me to get through writing this post...

When Blake and I first moved back to Seattle, settling down and starting a family was top of our priority list.  We weren't exactly quite yet in the market for a baby, so we thought the next best thing would be the perfect addition to our family - a puppy!

We named him Dempsey (after our UW roots - not Patrick), and were instantly smitten.  He was the cutest little thing this side of the Mississippi.  Our family had begun!

I remember not being able to focus at work those first few months because I was so anxious to get home and play with our new puppy!  As with any new little baby/puppy, EVERYTHING he did was the cutest and definitely recordable/photographable.  :)

So cute right?
He was our instant companion, and snuggle buddy at all hours of the day.  For a little guy, his fetching and athletic abilities were what shocked us the most - boy, did he like to play!

Needless to say, he didn't lack attention at all.

All of our trips, outings, and adventures now involved this new addition to our family.  He also obviously was front and center for Family Christmas cards now too - because he MADE us a family.

Life was bliss.

We couldn't wait to add kids into the mix, and have them love and play with Dempsey the same way that we did.

I remember laying in bed the night before I was induced for Brecken, and Blake & I were talking about how much we wished Dempsey was there with us (he was at a spender) to share in the anxiousness we felt as we were about to add to the family again the next morning.

An unexpected thing happened though when Brecken came along: all of a sudden our beloved first fur-baby went down on the totem pole one notch, and was overtaken in our hearts by our first real baby.

The bubble had popped: Dempsey was a dog.  Not a baby. (it's hard to even find any pictures with Dempsey in them since Brecken has been born).
Dempsey meeting Brecken for the first time
The good news: they were fast friends!  Dempsey saw Brecken as a prime candidate to be his new #1 fetching/chasing partner, and all was bliss.

Life caught up with us though, and as time has passed, and baby #2 on the way entered the Carbonatto future, we had to come to the heartbreaking conclusion that maybe we weren't the best family fit for Dempsey anymore.
With his litter mate (the yellow thing).  
Our former weekend walks and runs were now spent on playdates with Brecken's friends, and out and about letting him explore the world.  In non-dog friendly places.  :(
Our favorite tilt the head to the side like "What" look
Our life had changed.

Oh my word, this has been a heartbreaking decision.  One that Blake and I have gone back and forth on for many many months.  Ultimately though, BECAUSE we love Dempsey so much, and because we love our family so much, we knew in our heart of hearts that Dempsey would get the life, attention, and exercise that he deserved with a family who was in a different season of life.

The vision of my boys having their best companion be Dempsey, has faded.

But we are bittersweetly grateful that we were able to be the answer to someone else's prayer.  Two new little kids are so anxious to make Dempsey their number 1, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them. 

We know the joy that he brings.  We know it well.   Dempsey will now have the life that he deserves and will love the new family.

It doesn't make the heartbreak hurt any less, but we do know that our hearts will soon fall in love all over again wi th our newest soon-to-be-addition, Brenner.

Thank goodness for social media too because we will get to see (via Facebook) the new family's guaranteed love and same smitten feeling for Dempsey.

We love you Demps.  We're going to miss your craziness; your at-times annoying cuddling in bed; your constant antics that kept us on our toes.

We won't soon forget the one that started our family.  

The one that slept with me on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night when pregnancy was getting the best of me.  The first one always to let us know when Brecken was awake - it was playtime!

So many fun adventures, and memories with you.  And now many more for you to come.

Love you puppy.
Loves camping.


  1. I totally feel your pain! I cried so hard when I gave my pup away...I loved her to death, but realized being single and 25 at the time, having a life revolve around a dog wasnt exactly healthy. I had no life outside of her. I woke up early to take her running, I rushed home from work to let her out and turned down happy hour dates b/c I felt guilty for leaving my pup alone all day. Although she had a great life, I didn't have a social one anymore.
    Best of luck to Dempsey in his new family!

  2. sad! goodbye demps! ummm... you picked a name!?

  3. :o( Sad time. Brutus and Breaker are literally my children. For now. Hopefully not forever...Love ya Ash!

    1. ...and I like how two of the pics above are from the Lake :o)


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