Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Function or Sophistication?

The house is progressing wonderfully!
We have a driveway!
Some of the interior finishes have been installed in the recent weeks including kitchen granite, backsplash, light fixtures and cupboards!  It's so fun to see everything coming together.

Our focus lately has been how to layout our family room.  Now, if you remember, the overall layout of our house is a "great room" feel, so we have a pretty big space to fill.

I always had in my head that we'd plop in two full sizes couches (perpendicular to each other) and 86 the sectional out of our lives for a more sophisticated look (that's what my friends at HGTV would tell me I think).  We went couch shopping this week though, and there are some pretty nice sectionals out there that seem to be extremely functional as well.

So here I am with yet another homebuilding/decorating dilemma:  
classy sophistication of 2 couches or family function of a sectional?

Some quick pros and cons:

The particular sectional that we're looking at is a modular sectional, meaning we have the ability to rearrange, and add (which we would do) to the existing "set".  We could comfortably seat everyone.  Always.

Couches make me feel a little bit more like a grown up.  And are cheaper.  With tufted reversible cushions.

What are your pros and cons of a sectional versus couches?

Here are some other elements for the room that I've pinned lately to give you an idea of the direction that I'm THINKING I'm going:

Built-ins on either side of the fireplace.  Love.

A couple accent chairs to compliment the sofa of choice...

A little bit of shabby chic...

Chunky stripes WILL exist somewhere in my house...possibly as great room curtains?

Or maybe in the adjoining dining room...

Textured, colored, and neutral throw pillows...

So as you can see - I'm still in the idea stage, but we need to order our couch if we want something to sit on when we move in.

What's your vote?

Sectional (in a grey vintage fabric):

(It wouldn't let me link a picture - sorry!)


Two couches (in the same grey vintage fabric):

Did I mention that the Sectional would be twice as expensive and not here for 3 months?

1 comment:

  1. We are hunting for a leather sectional becaUse it's so ptactical! I found one at Thomasville .... So very pricey. Where have you had luck finding the one you're interested in?


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